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The Entertation Index: March 5

March 5, 2010

Cameron, James — In light of a recent and rule-breaking email from Oscar contender The Hurt Locker’s producer to Academy voters in which he slammed fellow nominee Avatar, E! Online suggests that the culprit who leaked the missive to the press may have been none other than James Cameron himself. Furthermore, the movie The Hurt Locker may have never even existed in the first place, and was only another example of the amazing things James Cameron can make you believe with his cutting-edge, three-dimensional  CGI. Kudos, James Cameron.

Link: Oscar Conspiracy Alert: Is Someone Out to Get the Hurt Locker? (E! Online)

Corman, Roger — The most famous B-moviemaker in history detailed the backstory to his upcoming Syfy Channel film Sharktopus to website io9 this week, explaining that the creature in question will be a product of naval bio-engineering and will have two heads — with a shark’s mouth full of razor-sharp teeth up front and an octopus’ tentacles and beak, and OH MY GOD I CANNOT WAIT ONE MORE SECOND TO SEE SHARKTOPUS.

Link: Roger Corman Justifies Sharktopus’ Awesome Existence With “Logic” (io9)

Fox, Megan — The in-demand actress and Index favorite Megan Fox tells the UK version of Harper’s Bazaar that, despite what her public persona would suggest, she has only had sex with two men. But to be fair, one of those men was thirty-seven men.

Link: Megan Fox Reveals Love Life Count in Harper’s Bazaar (BittenandBound)

Ke$ha — The in-demand pop star and singer of the smash hit “TiK ToK” has gone after predecessor Britney Spears, telling a Scotland newspaper that the Spears cheats her fans by lip syncing. Spears reportedly retaliated by quoting one of the up-and-coming Ke$ha’s own lyrics, accusing “brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack? I f—ing invented that move.”

Link: Ke$ha Unimpressed with Britney Spears’ Miming (San Francisco Chronicle)

Penn, Sean — In light of many who claim Penn’s Haitian relief work is to draw attention away from his messy divorce, the always-charismatic actor told CBS news that he hopes his detractors “die screaming of rectal cancer.” Upon being asked for clarification, Penn explained that by “die screaming of rectal cancer,” he only meant “have to watch Shanghai Surprise again.” 

Link: Sean Penn Wishes “Rectal Cancer” On His Critics (Yahoo)

Spears, Britney — see: Ke$ha

Voguing — A current exhibit at New York City’s trendy Whitney Museum of Art consists of a series of videos of a dancer in an enclosed, empty space, “voguing” in complete silence. The exhibit has been a huge success, drawing connoisseurs from all over who presumably want to see the most terrible art exhibit in history.

Link: On Dance: Voguing at the Whitney (NY Times)

Wahoo, The Friday — It’s amazing to me that Ok Go isn’t more famous, given the fact that their music is endlessly clever and fun and, more importantly, they realize the importance of a good music video. Case in point: if you look at any youtube video today, make sure it’s this one for their single “This Too Shall Pass” and tell me it’s not one of the greatest you’ve seen in a long, long time.

Link: Ok Go – This Too Shall Pass (YouTube)

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