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The Entertation Index: March 8

March 8, 2010

Corgan, BillyRolling Stone interviews ex-Smashing Pumpkins frontman Corgan, who opines on everything from his place in the rock pantheon (he belongs there), to the future of the United States (Soviet-style collapse), to Jessica Simpson love (awesome).  Finally, political and romantic ruminations from a formerly pretty-good rocker who increasingly looks like Powder.

Link: Corgan Interview (Rolling Stone)

Gosselin, Jon – The reality star turned heavy smoker/clubber has reportedly been offered $20,000 to pose for Playgirl, a comparatively small sum for what the magazine admits would be a novelty rather than a “sexy” spread.  Playgirl even offered $10,000 for every inch over 4, which according to Gosselin’s ex-lovers means he may have to do the shoot for free.

Link: Gosselin inPlaygirl? (X17 Online)

Gosselin, Kate – The reality TV matriarch was pulled over for speeding for the second time in four months, doing 73 in a 55.  Apparently, Kate was racing Jon to see who can get bumped off the D-list the fastest.

Link: Kate Speeding (Gossip Cop)

Pavelka, Jake – The Bachelor may be going back to his 24-year-old ex-girlfriend after choosing Vienna Girardi, whose “beaver” pics just got released (don’t worry, pretty SFW).  This after two separate contestant “cheating” allegations and several set leaks.  Stay classy, Bachelor!  Can’t wait for season 15.

Link: Bachelor Backing Out? (Entertainment & Showbiz)

Rourke, Mickey – Responding to British soccer star Ashley Cole’s recent sex scandal, Rourke said that soccer wives and girlfriends have it easy, at least compared to the behavior of film stars like him.  He claims, “I once spent a weekend in the UK and had 14 women in one night.”  Rourke failed to mention that “having” 14 women meant watching an Emmanuelle marathon on Cinemax.

Link: Rourke’s All-Nighter (NY Daily News)

Shore, Jersey – MTV is being sued for allegedly distorting a brawl between Shore’s Ronnie and Joshua Thomas.  Thomas and his girlfriend assert that MTV edited the video to make them look like the aggressors, which they say is not the case.  The heavily chopped MTV version does indeed portray both parties as baselessly belligerent, testosterone-fueled, homophobic meatheads.  However, the unedited tape seems to show the disagreement boiling over when Ronnie suggested that Nietzsche never expressly advocated nihilism, while Joshua posited that exploration without outright rejection of the idea constituted tacit approval.

Link: Jersey Brawl (TMZ)

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