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Willard Scott Loves the Band of Horses and You Should Too!

March 10, 2010
    Happy Willard Scott day to all!  Yes, today marks the 30th anniversary of the lovable Mr. Scott’s debut as the weather-person on the Today show.  As I’m sure you all know, the traditional celebration for Willard Scott day is to smear Smucker’s jelly on a fat man’s belly.  But here at Brown Tweed Manor, we’re all out of jelly so we’re going to do a little feature on ole Willard’s favorite indie rock group, Seattle’s Band of Horses. Band of Horses just announced the impending release of thier third studio album, called Infinite Arms, on Columbia imprint Fat Possum Records.  For any of you that aren’t familiar, BoH play a melodic brand of folk-pop that has an unusually expansive sound.  It’s difficult for me to put my finger on what makes them more than your average folk band–perhaps it’s lead singer Ben Bridwell’s distinctive voice–but their songs have a definite anthemic quality to them.  2007’s Cease to Begin was one of my top records of that year and so I’m quite excited to hear thier follow up.BoH started out in 2004 as a duo composed of Bridwell and Mat Brooke.  Brooke left the band in 2006 to form Grand Archives, another terrific band, and Bridwell soldiered on with Rob Hampton (formerly of Poptart Monkeys) and Creighton Barrett.  BoH released Everything All The Time in 2006, and followed up in ’07 with Cease to Begin.  Interestingly, Bridwell and Brooke were in the band Carissa’s Weird in their pre-BoH days.  Carissa’s Weird never hit it that big outside of their native Seattle, but Hardly Art has decided to re-release all of Carissa’s material over the summer, coinciding with the new BoH release.

    Infinite Arms is scheduled for a May 18 release and the band will tour in support of the record.  Most importantly, they will play two SXSW shows in Austin, TX in a couple of weeks, one on 3/18 at the amazing Stubb’s.  If any of you intend on going to that show, be on the lookout for Mr. Scott, who is a frequent SXSW attendee.  Don’t believe me?  Obviously you don’t follow Mr. Scott on Twitter.  You should rectify this error in judgment immediately.  Later!

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  1. JRose permalink
    March 10, 2010 3:29 pm

    This is indeed excellent news, only made better by the release of the new Black Keys album on the same day. Now I’ll have to choose who to listen to first. Yikes!

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