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The Entertation Index: March 12

March 12, 2010

Charles, Ray –– The music of the timeless icon Ray Charles will be the source material for the musical play Unchain My Heart, which is set to open on Broadway in November and feature Charles’ hits “Georgia on My Mind,” “Hit the Road, Jack” and “What’d I Say,” among others. The musical is predicted to be a success but no one can say because, like Charles himself, no one has seen it.

Link: Unchain My Heart, the Ray Charles Musical, To Open on Broadway in November (Playbill)

Expressionists, Abstract — An upcoming series of United States postage stamps will pay homage to Abstract Expressionism by featuring works by Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchell and Robert Motherwell. What this means to you, however, is that for the next few months you’ll be able to get away with smearing some ketchup and mustard in the top right corner of your letter and dropping it in the mail.

Link: The Works of 10 Abstract Expressionists for Under $5 (NY Times)

Fanning, Dakota — Kristen Stewart, soon to be seen as Joan Jett in the biopic The Runaways, tells the press that she was banned from groping co-star Dakota Fanning, 15 years old when the film was shot, during a scene involving a passionate same-sex kiss that Stewart called “hardcore.” Stewart says she had no problem with the rules, as her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson had similar rules about girls touching him.

Link: Kristen Stewart Banned from “Groping” Dakota Fanning (Starpulse)

Feldman, Corey — Following the death of actor Corey Haim on Wednesday, friend Corey Feldman appeared on Larry King Live, saying that when Haim died he was “very destitute” and “very broke.” While the Index sends its wishes to Haim’s family, it would also like to send them to Feldman. While many in Hollywood are suddenly using the moment to find their own spotlight and hailing Haim’s death as tragic, Feldman seemed to always realize that Haim’s life was tragic and, from reality shows to low-budget movies, Feldman always seemed to remain a true friend. Something tells me that’s rare in showbiz these days.

Link: Corey Haim Died Broke & Alone, Says Corey Feldman (People)

Gaga, Lady — Buzzfeed presents an eye-opening exposé on the creative diva, alleging that she stole many of her trademark looks from people she’s seen at Wal-Mart. Their proof? The website Brilliant work.

Link: 14 Styles Lady Gaga Stole from People of Walmart (Buzzfeed)

Lopez, Mario — Former Saved by the Beller and current Extra host Mario Lopez announced in a statement today that his girlfriend, Broadway actress Courtney Mazza, are expecting a child in the fall. We know it’s credible, because Mario Lopez, in true Extra fashion, went inside for the exclusive.

Link: Mario Lopez: I’m Going to Be a Dad! (CNN)

Simon, Carly — Recent news that record producer David Geffen was the subject of Carly Simon’s hit “You’re So Vain” have been debunked, along with past contenders Mick Jagger, Cat Stevens, Warren Beatty and David Cassidy, among others. Simon, of course, continues to tease the answer — clearly under the impression that we’re all holding our breath for it — because it helps promote her new album. I’m pretty sure I know who the vain one here is.

Link: You’re So Wrong: Carly Simon Song NOT About David Geffen (Hollywood Reporter)

Stewart, Kristen — See: Fanning, Dakota

Tarantino, Quentin — Actor Alan Cumming let slide during a recent interview that director Quentin Tarantino has been tapped to voice Brainy Smurf in the upcoming live action/CGI mixed Smurfs movie. He seemed a natural fit for the part after, during a reading, he completely nailed the scene where Brainy ties Handy to a folding chair, douses him with gasoline and lights him on fire.

Link: The InSmurfious Basterds (IGN)

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