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The Entertation Index: March 19

March 19, 2010

Art, Abstract — Coinciding with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, contemporary arts blog Modern Art Notes is hosting its own bracketed showdown of the greatest abstract painters of all time. Not that you’re asking, but my pick for a sure-fire upset in the first round is number twenty-four-seeded George Condo over nine-seed Mary Heilmann. Let me see your bracket. Helen Frankenthaler over Mark Grotjahn? That’s a laugh. Dude, you know nothing about abstract art.

Link: The Greatest Living American Abstract Painter (Modern Art Notes)

Gaga, Lady — A former producer and lover to the prog-pop diva is suing Gaga for $30 million dollars, claiming that he helped create Gaga’s marketable personality but was cut out of the profit when the pair’s romance ended. A spokesperson for Gaga rebutted that while the singer would like very much to honor the $30 million dollar request, that cash has already been made into a decorative hat and been spent on “shoe feathers and hair machinery,” whatever those are.

Link: Lady Gaga Sued for$30 Million by Jilted Producers (ABC News)

George, Boy — Speaking of Lady Gaga, former Culture Club frontman Boy George tells the UK’s Mirror that during a recent meeting with the artist, she asked George to sign her vagina. “I thought to myself how creative and adorable she is, making up nonsensical words,” George reportedly said, “and then someone told me it was a real thing and showed me where it was.”

Link: Lady Gaga Asked Boy George to Autograph Her Vagina (PopCrunch)

iCarly — Nickelodeon has announced that it has come to an agreement with tween sensation Miranda Cosgrove, star of the Nick hit iCarly, for a contract reportedly in the “low-to-mid seven-figure range.” I’d just like for you to remember that this weekend, when you eat that pretzel you dropped on the floor and fill your empty shampoo bottle halfway with water to “make more shampoo.”

Link: Miranda Cosgrove Signs on for More iCarly (Hollywood Reporter)

Lohan, Lindsay — The actress,who has recently turned over a new leaf of “charity work,” has been place on India’s immigration blacklist — facing a possible life ban from the country — after she filmed a sex trafficking documentary there and self-servingly tweeted about the incident the whole time. Offending tweets allegedly include “Everyone here sounds like that guy from the Simpsons!” and “I love Indian people, I don’t know why the cowboys wanted to fight them so badly.”

Link: Lindsay Lohan Faces BAN from India (Huffington Post)

Love, Courtney — This week Love, after being berated by her once friend Billy Corgan in a recent Rolling Stone interview, issued a public and heartfelt apology to the former Smashing Pumpkins frontman on Facebook, asking for his forgiveness. In return, Corgan helped Love with a Cuban Mafia Wars mission and she returned the favor by giving him a baby duck for his Farmville farm.

Link: Courtney Love Issues Facebook Apology to Billy Corgan (Billboard)

Wilkinson, Kendra — The former Girl Next Door and new mother has gotten catty with multi-mom Kate Gosselin, implying that she’d never agree to be on Dancing With the Stars “because I am that mom that wants to be there every step. I don’t want to spend three months away from my baby.” She then added “now if you’ll excuse me, I have a scene to shoot at the Playboy Mansion Halloween party for my own television show. Hey, what? It’s not like it’s three months.”

Link: Wilkinson Criticizes Gosselin DWTS Stint (DigitalSpy)

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