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The Entertation Index: March 25

March 25, 2010

Biden, Joe – The U.S. Vice President apparently attempted to test the FCC’s profanity rules when he let loose with the F-Bomb in a signing ceremony for the health care bill: “this is a big f*cking deal!”  Amazingly, just like with the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident and other slips of the tongue and dress, not a single young mind exploded from hearing such filth.

Link: Biden (F-)Bombs (Mediaite)

Bullock, Sandra and James, Jesse – Despite reports to the contrary, TMZ alleges that both Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are “looking for” divorce lawyers to take their respective cases should Bullock decide to file.  This is Hollywood, people.  You don’t “look for” divorce lawyers.  You run into them in your coffee shops and gym bathrooms.  Look in your bedroom closet; there’s probably one in there right now.

Link: Bullock, James Lawyering Up? (TMZ)

Carey, Mariah – The lukewarmly-anticipated Mariah Carey remix album Angels Advocate will not debut next Tuesday, but will instead be released as a series of singles.  Island Def Jam reps haven’t explained why, but it is thought that not releasing the reworked songs together on an album will hide the fact that every one of Carey’s songs since “Vision of Love” has sounded exactly the same.

Link: Carey’s Remix CD Nixed (EW)

Cohen, Sasha Baron – The mind behind Borat and Bruno, and his partner of eight years, Isla Fisher, married in a very private six-person ceremony to avoid publicity.  Reports indicate that Cohen played the part of all six guests.

Link: Cohen, Fisher To Marry (People)

Hopper, Dennis – Weakened by cancer and nearly broke, Hopper has offered his soon-to-be ex-wife, Victoria Duffy, $5000 per month in spousal support, claiming that he can afford no more.  She alleges that Hopper has millions of dollars in valuable art to his name.  Sorry, Ms. Duffy, but an “authentic” dream-catcher and Ratt mirror Dennis won at a county fair by popping three balloons pinned to pegboard doesn’t count as “valuable” art.

Link: Hopper’s Art (AHN)

Jagger, Lizzie – At a recent concert by her brother Jimmy’s band Turbogeist, Mick’s daughter apparently got so hammered she could barely stand.  Security played nice though, possibly saying, “All we saw was someone tall with long black hair, dressed in fringy clothes, stumbling around like a drunken giraffe.  We just figured it was Steven Tyler.”

Link: Jagger Juiced (NY Post)

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