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The Entertation Index: March 26

March 26, 2010

Bachelor, The – Tanya Douglas, the maybe ex-girlfriend of The Bachelor‘s Jake Pavelka, tells Life and Style that he has told her he still loves her, even though he proposed to Vienna Girardi in The Bachelor finale.  Douglas asserts that Pavelka is “faking it,” and went on the show only for the money and fame.  Um, Tanya, fame and money are why most people go on reality TV.

Link: Bachelor Faking It? (Life and Style)

Bieber, Justin – The 16-year-old R&B sensation tweets that “Naptime is awesome.”  Between that, a purported penchant for applesauce, and the occasional pants-pooping, Bieber and Andy Rooney have more in common than they think.

Link: Bieber Sleeps (Huffington Post)

Hewitt, Jennifer LoveThe Ghost Whisperer star, newly single, explains that office supply store Staples turns her on: “I love being organized. It’s the folders and the tech … [Staples] is a place to take me if you want me to get hot and bothered.”  We’d like to point out to Hewitt the consistency, the rigid structure, the high-tech bloggery–the flat-out organization of TBTS’ Index.  Feel free to email us.

Link: Jennifer Loves Staples (People)

James, Jesse – James’ newest tattooed alleged mistress, Melissa Smith, has “told all” in a Star interview, leaving out the part where she was jailed for assaulting a cop and was arrested for DUI.  To keep up the streak after class-acts Smith and Nazi-phile Michelle McGee, James will have to screw a toothless stripper who sells puppies to crocodile farms to buy discount cigarettes.  Keep it up, J-Dog!

Link: James’ New One (Star)

Kardashian, Kim – The best-known Kardashian and her oft-time beau, the Saints’ Reggie Bush, have split again.  Bush wants to focus on his successful football career, and Kardashian will spend time… appearing in front of every camera and on every magazine cover possible.

Link: Kardashian, Bush Split (E! Online)

Lohan, Lindsay – The spiraling starlet recently took a spill into a cactus at a friend’s house.  She could have been hurt worse, but she is used to being surrounded by pricks.

Link: Lohan’s Trip (Daily Mail)

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