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The Entertation Index: March 29

March 29, 2010

McIntyre, Joey – The New Kids On The Block singer talks about his son Rhys being born with severe hearing loss.  Though doctors do not know what caused the condition, it is thought that the toddler was exposed to “Hangin’ Tough” in the womb.

Link: McIntyre’s Newest Kid (Examiner)

Michael, George – Huffington Post reports on the singer’s Sexy Vacation Down Under, which refers to Mr. Michael being on holiday in Australia.  We initially feared this was a euphemism for trolling Underground bathrooms for some Wham!-Bam-Thank-You-Man (also known as “riding the Tube”).

Link: Michael’s Vacation (Huffington Post)

Montag, HeidiThe Hills co-star talks about a new “3-D beach comedy” script she’s writing that sees Montag saving a small beach town from a shark by using her “3-D” boobs.  Since most boobs are 3-D anyway, we assume she’s making a distinction between those and the rest of her, which is notably flat and 2-dimensional.

Link: Heidi in 3-D (People)

Partenkirchen, Garmisch- – TBTS wants to give you some culture, and here it is: you shouldn’t have missed the 25th Garmisch-Partenkirchen, or “Beardfest,” as we like to call it.  Seriously, check out the pictures.

Link: Beardfest (Zimbio)

Perry, Katy – At the Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards, Perry found herself drenched by a bucket of now-famous green slime.  Good thing it was Perry and not Lady Gaga, since it would have been assumed that Gaga just showed up that way.

Link: Perry Slimed (Gather)

Thurman, Uma – The Beautiful Girls co-star had a not-so-beautiful debut of her movie Motherhood in the UK.  In fact, the movie sold only 1—one!—ticket last Sunday, in all of England.  How does that happen?  The movie should have sold at least 10 tickets just to people who saw “UMA” on the poster and thought, “Ultimate Martial Arts?  Let’s check it out!”  Wow.

Link: Uma Bombs (Daily Mail)

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  1. March 29, 2010 1:29 pm

    Re Uma: Wow, that sounds like some serious boycotting, not just sucky movie making. Since I haven’t even heard of this movie, though, maybe it’s some serious lack of advertising. Hm.

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