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The Entertation Index: April 1

April 1, 2010

Aniston, Jennifer – The Friends co-star has some suggestions for looking your best: “My advice: just stop eating shit every day.”  Right, Little Miss I’m Pretty and Rich and Have Good Friends and Generally Seem Like a Good Person.  Next you’ll tell us to moderate our alcohol intake, get regular exercise, and stop smoking.  Nice try!

Link: Aniston’s Advice (Huffington Post)

Bieber, Justin – Haughty dismissal has now turned into burning jealousy.  People magazine has a photo montage of Bieber being hugged, kissed, and smooshed by Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and others.  I guess I should have listened to my dear old grandpa when he said, “Matt, money’s nice, but if you really want the ladies, you need to be a cute-as-a-button, 16-year-old, white Canadian R&B/pop crossover star.”

Link: Bieber Bussed (People)

Brand, Russell – Just a few months after their engagement, the British comedian has turned into a Bridezilla, says fiancée Katy Perry.  While Perry would be fine with a traditional tiered vanilla cake, Brand reportedly has demanded one made of middle fingers and bizarre, controversial comments.

Link: Brand-zilla (Australian News)

Gosselin, Kate – The Jon and Kate + Eight star is supposedly cooking up a Jon and Kate-themed routine for her next performance on Dancing With The Stars.  It will reportedly feature Kate screaming, rolling her eyes and making condescending comments, then stomping off the stage.  Her partner Tony Dovolani will then begin chain-smoking and chasing any young blond who comes into his field of vision.

Link: BLURB (E! Online)

Grammer, Kelsey – A screenwriter who claimed the Frazier star stole his idea for the movie Swing Vote has received a settlement from Grammer: $10.  This doubles the amount of money the movie made.

Link: Grammer Settles (EW)

Lost – The mind-bending show’s viewership in its final season isn’t stellar, but the price it commands for an ad is.  Companies will pay $900,000 for a 30-second ad during the finale.  Any commercial slated to run during Lost’s last episode is expected to sort of make sense at first, then veer off into total mind-fuckery until you have no idea what you’re being sold.

Link: Lost Rakes It In (Adage)

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