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The Entertation Index: April 6

April 6, 2010

Apparel, American – An American Apparel in London hosted a streetside discount rummage sale that resulted in a riot, allowing only about 30 people to buy things.  Rage, Londoners, rage!  Rage until every one of you has the bodysuits and striped calf socks you so richly deserve.

Link: Brits Riot (Gawker)

Badu, Erykah – The singer’s nude video for “Window Seat” has netted her a $500 fine from Dallas police.  No one complained during the actual video shoot, mind you.  Only afterward when the video got national attention did someone come forward to say she, there with her two young children, was offended by Badu’s public nudity.  Hey, wasn’t there a dude who cussed on TV or a famous chick who showed some nip in public a while back?  I’m totally offended!  Now fine him/her and give me money.

Link: Badu Fined (Dallas News)

Cyrus, Miley – The Hannah Montana star is psyched about the “zen” vibe her new house has, explaining that “My religion is love, so my door is always open for anyone who wants to come in. It’s a just a loving place.”  Cyrus will recant after the first morning she wakes up to find a naked drunk passed out in his own vomit out in her foyer.

Link: Miley’s Pad (People)

Kardashian, Kim – Now that KK and boyfriend Reggie Bush are splitsville, People has released “The Way They Were,” a photo montage of the couple they tout as The Bush and The Tush (I’d advise against googling that).  This is the most unfortunately nicknamed couple ever, though I’m happy to hear other candidates.

Link: Bush/Tush Split (People)

Sheen, Charlie – On the heels of a domestic violence lawsuit, Sheen may be leaving hit show Two And A Half Men over a contract dispute.  CBS has reportedly offered $1 million per episode, while Sheen wants $1.5 million.  This is a little steep, since it would average out to about $4.5 million per actually funny joke.

Link: Sheen Wavering (MSNBC)

Winehouse, Amy – The troubled singer wants to have a baby, according to her father.  The press will undoubtedly be there for the birth, which will feature a baby punching out of the womb and spitting on a photographer.

Link: Winehouse Wants Baby (Contact Music)

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