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The Entertation Index: April 7

April 7, 2010

Carrey, Jim — The comedian has tweeted his breakup with actress Jenny McCarthy, announcing that the split was amicable but final. “Thank God,” said anyone who has ever had to go to dinner at McCarthy and Carrey’s house and sit there as both of them vie furiously for all the attention in the room.

Link: Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy Split (Huffington Post)

Cody, Diablo — The Academy Award-winning Juno writer has confirmed she is pregnant. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of the Cody household as the hipster scribe goes through the pregnancy process, to hear each of the hilarious bon mots, to catch all of the uproarious references to 1980’s television, to laugh at every quirky bit of teen vernacular turned so irreverently on its side, to…actually, all of that sounds torturous. I’ll just wait until she writes a book about it and uses all of her best lines on The Today Show.

Link: Diablo Cody is Pregnant (EW)

Gooding Jr., Cuba — The one-time Oscar winner is teaming with Christian Slater to film the independent thriller Sacrifice, which is set in Toronto and Los Angeles but filmed entirely on location in Ottawa, Canada by dressing the sets to look like the City of Angels. Sources on the set say that although the crew is in Canada, the vibe is exactly like Los Angeles, down to the fact that no one in Ottawa has work for Gooding or Slater either.

Link: Hollywood stars to Film in Ottowa (CBC)

Hilton, Perez — The controversial blogger has drawn the ire of Lindsay Lohan after Hilton ranted against her on his website. Lohan shot back over twitter, saying…actually, you know what? If you care about this, give me a ring and I’ll come over to your house right now and hit you in the head with a shovel.

Link: Lohan Slams Blogger Hilton (Contactmusic)

Kabletown — Those of you who watch 30 Rock may be aware that Philadelphia cable company Kabletown has recently purchased GE Sheinhardt NBC Universal. This heralds a slate of new programming for the major network in pay-per-view porn, from heavier content like Ghosts of Missy’s Peepee to lighter fare like Horny With a Chance of My Balls. If you have more questions, please visit this phenomenal Kabletown site. And for those of you still not watching 30 Rock, you deserve not to get this joke.

Link: Kabletown (Official Site)

McCarthy, Jenny —  see: Carrey, Jim

Painting, American Abstract — Congratulations to Cy Twombly, who defeated contemporary Ellsworth Kelly 57%-43% in Modern Art Notes’ Greatest Living American Abstract Painters Tournament on Monday. Kelly threw up some divisionist pointilism at the buzzer but it was too late. And now for “One Shining Moment” with a bunch of images you won’t be able to decipher. Congratulations, Cy!

Link: Cy Twombly (Biography)

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