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The Entertation Index: April 9

April 9, 2010

Hunter, The Bounty — Quick, alert the media: there’s something else still to be said about Jennifer Aniston. This time, it’s the news that the Aniston-Gerard Butler romantic comedy The Bounty Hunter –which made $21 million during its U.S. run — opened to a weak $5.8 million in the UK last weekend. Analysts attribute the blasé attitude of UK audiences to the fact that they’ve already seen a far superior movie about Scottish men making terrible choices, and that movie was Trainspotting.

Link: Jennifer Aniston’s “The Bounty Hunter” Bombs in England (Huffington Post)

Jackman, Hugh — The Wolverine star has signed on to join the cast of a new Farrelly Brothers project, where the hearthrob will play a man with “genitalia attached to his face.” Upon hearing the news, Spencer Pratt commented “I don’t see what the big deal is, I’m a dickhead every day of my life.”

Link: Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet in Raunchy Roles (

MacDonald, Norm — At one point in the mid-nineties, Norm MacDonald was not only the most caustic host of SNL’s Weekend Update ever, but one of the most absurd, clever and dry comics in years. Then he just kind of faded away over the next few years. The Onion AV Club caught up with him just so you could remember how awesome he is, so read this frank and very interesting interview with him.

Link: Norm MacDonald Interview (Onion AV Club)

McLaren, Malcolm — The man who once outfitted and managed The New York Dolls, formed the Sex Pistols and bore the name “the Godfather of Punk” has died of cancer in a Swiss hospital. He was 64. Fittingly for your Friday night, remember to raise a pint, punch someone in the face, and thank McLaren for what he gave us, wherever he is.

Link: Malcolm McLaren, Seminal Punk Figure, Dies at 64  (New York Times)

People, Persian — A production company has announced a casting call for a spin-off of the hit Jersey Shore focused on young Persian-Americans. The casting call requested people of Persian descent who “appear under 30” and who are “outrageous,” “outspoken” and “proud.” The announcement goes on to request that applicants “Devote themselves to Darius 1,” have “boating experience” and be prepared to “punish Athens for what they’ve done,” whatever that means.

Link:  “Jersey Shore” Producers Looking for “Outrageous and Proud” Persians (Huffington Post)

Rowling, J.K. — The billionaire author, after a recent reading at the White House, told press that she wouldn’t rule out another Harry Potter book somewhere in the next several years. “I really wanted to end the series,” Rowling said, ” and then I realized that I don’t have all the money that exists in the world yet. So I may do another one. Now, please excuse me as I blow my nose with this diamond-encrusted tissue and fly in my jet pack to a shuttle that will take me to my gold-plated space station mansion that orbits the moon. Why don’t you go get in line at Borders now?”

Link: From J.K. Rowling to Easter Egg Rolling (Washington Post)

Winehouse, Amy — A british art student has recreated a bust of Amy Winehouse using Lego artist more than 3,000 lego bricks, a beehive wig and a cigarette. It’s actually quite impressive. Sure, not as realistic as that one made of old, dried up bologna, but still impressive.

Link: Artist  Creates Amy Winehouse in Lego (Telegraph UK)

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