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Notes from the Casting Room: Chace Crawford, Robert Pattinson, and Demi Moore

April 13, 2010

Today’s casting news about Robert Pattinson and Chace Crawford reverses a recent trend in which Jesse James and Tiger Woods have been the central characters in all celebrity gossip about pulling out. Of their marriages, that is.

According to, Chace Crawford has officially pulled out of the upcoming Footloose remake, leaving the opportunity to reprise Kevin Bacon’s role once again available, perhaps even to an unknown actor. Scheduling demands from Crawford’s day job, the CW series Gossip Girl, are being cited as the reason for the actor’s departure from Footloose. Fans of Gossip Girl, of whom I know exactly zero, can rest easy and celebrate by…doing whatever it is they do.

In other news, recently reported that Robert Pattinson has in fact not been confirmed to play Kurt Cobain in a possibly upcoming Cobain/Nirvana biopic. If R-Patz is in fact not cast as the 1990s’ greatest and most tragic rock icon, many of us who came of age during that time period will be sorely disappointed. We were really looking forward to such Nirvana classics as “Pennyroyal Tea” and “Lithium” transformed into a series of overwrought, eyeliner-streaked dashboard confessionals by an emo vampire.

And in today’s other major piece of casting news, Demi Moore has been cast to play Miley Cyrus’s mother in an American remake of the 2009 French hit LOL. No word yet on whether Miley’s fictional parent in the movie will follow Billy Ray’s lead and sanction extended stripper-pole routines by the underage daughter character. But it’s pretty safe to assume Moore’s character will allow such performances and may, in fact, demand to create a mother-daughter duo. Regardless of whether this plot element is added during punch-ups, it is fortunate that Miley has finally found a movie with a title that she can both spell and understand the meaning of.

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