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The Entertation Index: April 13

April 13, 2010

Beatles, The — Though the Beatles had always been thought to be on the outs with the Catholic Church due to drug references and announcements that they were “bigger than Jesus,” Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano has officially made peace with the band, retracting its past comments about the Fab Five and praising their work. Those of you waiting for L’Osservatore Romano’s retraction concerning Slayer, though, may have a few years left to wait.

Link: Vatican Makes Peace With the Beatles, John Lennon’s Jesus Comment (Huffington Post)

Berkley, Elizabeth — The former Saved by the Bell star will pen a self-esteem book for young girls to be released by Penguin next spring. You know what? If your daughter is taking lifestyle advice from someone who chose to star in Showgirls, you should probably be watching her for greater problems than low self-esteem.

Link: Elizabeth Berkley to Write a Self-Esteem Book for Girls (EW)

Channel, Weather — Your letters begging for more original programming on the Weather Channel have apparently not gone unnoticed, as the network which should only be showing weather has announced its slate of new programs for 2010-11. These shows include gems like Weather: Caught on Camera, Forsensic Weather and Storm Riders, the latter which features two “maverick” storm chasers. I am not, I promise, making any of these up. Also on tap to help the network remain relevant will be the new feature “Mario Lopez shirtless on the eights.” I did make that one up.

Link: The Weather Channel Unveils New Shows for 2010-2011 Season (TV by the Numbers)

Kelly, R. — Say what you will about some of the alleged proclivities of the R&B star, you can’t say he’s not an absolute purveyor of absurdity. Case in point: the strange new video to Kelly’s latest single “Echo,” in which he — in true R. Kelly style — sing-talks about things he’s doing and things you’ll be doing, and then yodels against a green screen of the Alps. The link, you ask? Why, it’s just below.

Link: R. Kelly – “Echo” (Showhype)

Uehara, Hiromi — Watch this video of Japanese jazz pianist Hiromi Uehara playing George Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm,” and see what you could have become if you didn’t stop taking piano lessons. Then cry uncontrollably because you’ll suddenly have the realization there’s a strong chance you’ll never accomplish anything even remotely close to this cool in your own life. At least that’s what I did. Your results may very.

Link:Hiromi Uehara – “I’ve Got Rhythm” (via FARK)

Winfrey, Oprah — In a tell-all (though unauthorized) biography of the media queen, author Kitty Kelley maintains several accusations about Winfrey, including that she speaks on herself in the third person, notably once stating “Oprah does not do stairs.” While many take umbrage with the truth behind several items in Kelley’s book, no one seems to be debating the claim that  Oprah “does not do stairs.”

Link: Kitty Kelley’s New Book: Oprah as a Diva Snit in Washington Antique Store, “Does Not Do Stairs”(Washington Post)

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