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The Entertation Index: April 14

April 14, 2010

Anderson, Pam – The former Baywatch babe and current Dancing With The Stars contestant owes California $493,144 in back taxes.  Worrying how she would pay the debt, the enhanced Anderson has reportedly been contacting rich older men asking them if they’d like to “put something in Silicon Valley.”

Link: Anderson’s Lien (ABC)

Davis, Brandon – The oil heir made news last week when he allegedly tweeted nasty things about ex-girlfriend Mischa Barton’s weight.  Davis denies calling her a “hefer,” however, claiming that someone stole his identity and posted the comments without his knowledge.  The real mystery: why anyone cares what a kid famous only because his ancestors made a lot of money has to say in the first place.

Link: Davis Denies (X17 Online)

Michaels, Bret – The reality show host and ex-rocker had an emergency appendectomy Monday, according to his publicist.  He at first thought he had the flu, but then remembered he had hidden heroin and a bag of weed there during a drug search, and had simply forgotten to take them out.

Link: Michaels Hospitalized (UPI)

One, The Son Of – A prop on the set of The Son of No One, starring Katie Holmes and Al Pacino, garnered complaints from a nearby mosque because the item visibly mentioned the Koran.  TBTS sources indicate however, that the real problem was people throwing their coats on a stepstool that turned out to be Tom Cruise.

Link: Prop Problems (NY Post)

Space, Office – Check out this picture, a real life Office Space moment if Peter Gibbons had been liquored up when he returned to work.  I do not see feces, however, so this “prank” is not as awesome as it could have been.

Link: Wage Rage (Gawker)

Winfrey, Oprah – According to an unauthorized biography by Kitty Kelley, the talk-show demigoddess dated John Tesh in the mid-1970s.  While news to most people, this romance was reportedly the inspiration behind early Oprah film The Color Embarrassed.

Link: Oprah + Tesh? (Us Magazine)

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