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The Entertation Index: April 20

April 20, 2010

Archuleta, David — Poor David Archuleta. Go to one gay club and suddenly you find yourself frantically tweeting to get people off your back. The American Idol runner-up spent a long time responding to accusations of his sexuality (because it’s very important what people named “hamghost” think of you, I suppose) in a series of tweets claiming he was just at the club to watch a drag queen friend perform. Seemingly in unison, the tabloid community nodded understandingly and said “that’s okay, we’ll just keep beating this drum ’til everyone thinks you are, little man.”

Link: That American Idol Kid Isn’t Gay… (Gawker)

Buddies, Bosom — Tom Hanks recently reunited with Peter Scolari and company to film a reunion of the 1980-81 sitcom Bosom Buddies for Nickelodeon’s TV Land Awards. Full disclosure — I started to pen a bunch of joke for this, but let’s call it what it is: awesome. And the fact that Hanks took the time to do this only really reinforces why he’s one of the most likeable people in Hollywood.  Your move, Benson.

Link: Bosom Buddies Still Close to Tom Hanks’ Heart (LA Times)

Decisions, CastingStripes starring Cheech and Chong? John Lovitz and Dana Carvey in Bad Boys? Check out this list of odd casting decisions that never came to fruition from some classic American comedies. Thankfully not on the list? Ernest Borgnine as Kit Kittredge: American Girl.

Link:  10 Classic Characters That Were Supposed to be Played by Different Comedians (

Eviafiallajokull — Congratulations, Björk; you’re no longer the weirdest natural phenomenon to come out of Iceland. The New York Times reports the unpronounceable volcano’s cloud of ash hanging over Iceland and Europe not only forced Miley Cyrus to cancel a press junket for her new film, but prompted the Iron Man 2 premiere to be moved to Los Angeles from London. The is the first time something this big opened its big hole and spewed enough crap to affect Hollywood since Harvey Weinstein ran Miramax.

Link: Iron Man and Miley Cyrus vs. the Volcano (NY Times)

Lennon, John — Workers performing construction on John Lennon’s Surrey home believe they found the fabled spot in his garden where the Beatle buried his massive stash of acid during after the Beatles announced they’d given up drugs. Admittedly, it wasn’t too hard to find. The gigantic talking flowers told builders precisely where it was hidden beneath them.

Link: Lennon Acid Discovery (The Sun)

Mo’Nique — This is what we’ve come to, folks. While you work hard to put food on the table and strive to live a life adherent to some semblance of morality, Mo’Nique’s brother gets to go on Oprah and talk about how he molested her. In case you’re wondering, at no time was Mo’Nique present, nor did anyone call him out or make him feel terrible for it; he just got to keep admitting to it.  This was an hour, mind you. So keep living your lives, decent America — you keep not molesting people and love your family while  this scumbag gets on Oprah. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Link: Link: Mo’Nique’s Brother Gerald Imes: I Molested Her When She Was a Child (Huffington Post)

Strikes Back, The Empire — This summer marks the thirtieth anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back and USA Today’s PopCandy is asking readers how they plan to celebrate. Some ideas include a Lucasfilm charity screening of the film in May and a Star Wars celebration in Orlando, Florida. But really, if one of the pressing questions in your life right now includes “How am I going to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back?” your priorities may be woefully out of whack.

Link: “Empire Strikes Back” Turns 30; How Will You Celebrate? (PopCandy)

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