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The Entertation Index: April 21

April 21, 2010

Bertinelli, Valerie – The One Day At A Time co-star and Jenny Craig spokesperson celebrated her fast-approaching 50th birthday by running the Boston Marathon.  “I’m still in awe of the fact that I just ran [it],” Bertinelli told friends and fans afterward.  In related news, Kirstie Alley celebrated turning 59 by finishing her 14th plate at a Golden Corral buffet.

Link: Valerie Runs (LA Times)

Baio, Scott – Check out this handy timeline of the surreal Scott Baio-Jezebel-Baio’s wife throw-down playing out on Twitter/Facebook.  Happy Days, indeed.  (Some NSFW language.)

Link: Baio, Jezebel Get Red (Jezebel)

Bond, James – England’s most dashing secret agent will have to wait before his next movie.  Studio MGM’s failure to find a buyer, along with its ailing financing, has put the next Bond feature on hold.  This reeks of Bankster-Face, a shadowy, nefarious billionaire who bought up majority share in MGM to bring it down and end the Bond franchise.  Sounds like a job for…Bond.  James Bond.

Link: Bond—Licensed to Chill? (NY Daily News)

Fitzgerald, Cantor – The financial commodities company got another go-ahead to create a box-office futures market, a real-life version of Hollywood Stock Exchange.  Now you can bet on the next blockbuster (anything James Cameron touches or sneezes on), or stay away from box-office poison (anything starring Uma Thurman).  TBTS Trading Tip: start short-selling Letters to Juliet now.

Link: Hollywood the New Wall Street? (Business Week)

Octomom – Known to the rest of the world as Octomom, Nadya Suleman told Oprah Tuesday that her nickname is a carnival attraction, not at all who she is as a person.  We assume that attraction is a clown car, since we’ve never seen that many people come out of something so small.

Link: Octomom a Carnie (Daily Record)

Osbourne, Sharon – Reality show maven Sharon Osbourne has decided to remove her breast implants and give them to her husband, Ozzy.  The Ozz-Man will immediately shred them with his teeth, snort them, or both.

Link: Osbourne Down-sizing (

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