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The Entertation Index: April 22

April 22, 2010

Cameras, Hidden — CBS is reportedly in works to develop a new hidden-camera reality program hosted by Drew Carey and focusing on “flash mobs pulling benevolent pranks on deserving citizens.” The working title for the show is rumored to be WTF!, which stands for “wow that’s funny,”  a notion that clearly does not pertain to the show’s ridiculously lame title itself.

Link: Drew Carey Develops Hidden Camera Show for CBS (Hollywood Reporter)

Hagar, Sammy — The former Van Halen frontman recently stated in a Guitar World interview that his music may have been heavily influenced by extraterrestrials, which he claims visited him upwards of three or four times in the late 1960’s. This would certainly account for his hits “I Can’t Drive 186,000 Miles Per Second” and “Why Can’t This Be Primordial Nucleosynthesis.”

Link: Sammy Hagar’s Alien Visitations (Van Halen News Desk)

Lohan, Lindsay — The non-starlet slammed ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson on Twitter after, despite Lohan’s apparent wishes, the couple did not meet affably at a Coachella afterparty. “Guess what didn’t happen tonight,” began Lohan’s tweet, which was not followed by “I got a great role in a good movie and people started respecting me.” Instead. Lohan went on to accuse Ronson of spitting in her face at the gathering, which — if true — would mean it’s the fifth time this week that Lohan has been covered in bodily fluids.

Link: Lindsay Lohan — Sam Ronson Spit in My Face (Huffington Post)

Love, Courtney — The BBC is reporting that Hole frontwoman has told UK magazine NME that calling her “Coutrney Love” anymore is a way to “oppress” her, and that she is reverting to her original birth name “Courtney Michelle.” None of this should really matter anyway, as most people just call her “that skank who is raping Nirvana’s legacy.”

Link: Courtney Love Reverts to Her Real Name (BBC)

Reid, Tara — After four months of engagement, Tara Reid has announced that her upcoming wedding has been called off. “There has been some miscommunication,” Reid may have commented. “It seems that this ‘Mike Zardlemonade,’ whom I believed myself to be betrothed to, does not actually exist.”

Link: Tara Reid Calls off Wedding (People)

Takei, George — Think you know one or two things about Star Trek’s George Takei? Let Sci-Fi Wire remedy that with this list of 25 facts you might not know about Mr. Sulu. See how many you can drop into conversation at work today, and how quickly your co-workers stop asking you to go to lunch with them.

Link: George Takei Turns 73 — Check Out 25 Facts You Might Not Know (Sci Fi Wire)

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