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The Entertation Index: April 27

April 27, 2010

Annie Lennox

Goode, Eric – The hotelier, part-time filmmaker, and avid turtle conservationist had a volcano-related delay getting back from Allwetter Zoo in Germany, where he screened his documentary on the warty newt and the Ryukyu black-breasted leaf turtle.  No snarky jokes here, just surprise that such a documentary exists, and that someone can be described as an “avid turtle conservationist.”

Link: Goode’s Slow Return (NY Post)

Kardashian, Kim – Steve Wayda, who recently photographed both Kardashian and Spitzer-mistress Ashley Dupre for Playboy, says that Kim was much more relaxed getting naked than Ashley.  Kim being willing to shed clothes should be no surprise to anyone aware of the existence of Kim’s, um, tape; her Twitter feeds, her magazine cover shoots, her advertising photos, her trips to the beach….

Link: Kim Quicker to Strip (NY Daily News)

Kartheiser, VincentMad Men actor Kartheiser gives a lengthy interview to The Observer, in which he admits to not having a lavatory in his house: “Like, I don’t have a flushing toilet at the moment. My house is just a wooden box. I mean I am planning to get a toilet at some point. But for now I have to go to the neighbours.”  Rumor has it that he lives next to the set of Two and A Half Men, who has been using his “material.”

Link: Kartheiser Sans Krapper (Guardian)

Lennox, Annie – The Eurythmics singer appeared on Idol Gives Back wearing a shirt emblazoned with “HIV POSITIVE.”  She explained that she herself is not HIV+: she wore the shirt to stand in solidarity with those who are.  Similarly, Paris Hilton had to explain that the “HERPES FREE” shirt she may or may not have worn recently was not an offer to have sex with bystanders without charge.

Link: Lennox’ Message (EW)

Lohan, Lindsey – The troubled actress was recently dropped from The Other Side, a film about a grad student working on a deserted island, because she wasn’t “bankable.”  TBTS sources say she and Ryan Phillippe might team up instead for I Haven’t Done Anything Since Last Summer.

Link: Lohan Dropped (TMZ)

Silverstone, Alicia – The Clueless actress has been earning great reviews for her part in the Broadway play Time Stands Still.  The pregnancy suit she wears has gotten her thinking about babies: “I can’t wait to be pregnant,” she says.  Much like we advised Giuliana Rancic, it takes more than just wishing and waiting to become pregnant.  Silverstone may need to put in a little work on her end.

Link: Silverstone Wants to Be Mom (People)

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