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The Entertation Index: April 30

April 30, 2010

8-Ball, Magic — As Hollywood continues to make movies of general, everyday things it sees around the house, Paramount Pictures has already hired screenwriters to start on the script. What’s that? No, it’s not a biography of Tom Sizemore. Shame on you.

Link: Magic 8-Ball to Become an Action-Adventure Movie (WorstPreviews)

Carell, Steve — The funnyman apparently let slip during a BBC interview that next season may be his last as The Office‘s Michael Scott, which has begun speculation on the show’s future that NBC refuses to comment upon — although one can assume this has to pose a serious threat to the NBC’s normal plan for sitcoms, which is to just let them become gradually worse until half the cast has been replaced by different people and it dies an unceremonious death airing at 9:30 on Saturday nights.

Link: Steve Carell Might Leave “The Office” (EW)

Gaga, Lady — Rumors abound that the unique diva is suffering from a lack of energy due to the fact that she is currently substituting balanced meals with jars of baby food, which make her unable to sustain the levels she needs for her rigorous performing schedule. I didn’t want to bring this up, but I’ve seen some of the things she wears, and I suspect she’s also wearing underwear meant for babies.

Link: Link: Lady Gaga on the Baby Food Diet? (Huffington Post)

Go-Go’s, The — Following their summer tour, which will end in Austin later this year, the 80’s all-girl pop band The Go-Go’s has announced that after over thirty years, they will be officially calling it disbanding. Whew, it’s a good thing that I came to terms with a loss of ever seeing the Go-Go’s again roughly nineteen years ago, when I stopped thinking of them altogether.

Link: The Go-Go’s Calling It Quits After Summer Tour (

Handler, Chelsea — Comedienne and E! television personality Chelsea Handler is denying that a sex tape discovered of her is authentic, saying that it was simulated as an auditioning joke meant to be funny. Upon further review of the tape, however, it was discovered to simply be a short film of a man trying to hoist a large corinthian leather dufflebag unweildily around a bedroom.

Link: Chelsea Handler SEX TAPE: XXX Audition Video (Huffington Post)

Hills, The — As if the cast of MTV’s The Hills isn’t childish enough, Babelgum has actually gone so far as to recast children in the roles of the overprivileged cast, from vapid Justin Bobby to a plastic-faced Heidi Montag. Enjoy.

Link: The Hills Re-enacted by Children (Babelgum)

O’Brien, Conan — In case you missed it, Conan O’Brien will be giving his first televised interview to 60 Minutes this Sunday. It’s only been announced in the last few days, so this may have slipped past you — just wanted you to be aware, as it could be interesting.

Link: Link: Conan O’Brien Doing First Post-Tonight Show Interview with 60 Minutes (EW)

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