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The Entertation Index: May 4

May 4, 2010

Bourdain, Anthony — During a recent appearance in Minneapolis, the colorful chef told CityPages that his one weakness in life is KFC’s Mac n’ Cheese meal, though he’s constantly afraid someone will see him with it, comparing buying it to coming out of a video store with “Anal Rampage 3.” Another similarity between KFC’s Mac n’ Cheese and the Anal Rampage series? If you’re not careful when enjoying them, crap could end up all over your lap.

Link: Anthony Bourdain Charms at the State (CityPages)

Handler, Chelsea — The Chelsea Lately comedienne defends the invalidity of her supposed sex tape, claiming it’s a non-issue and that she’s “been showing it at birthday parties for years.” This, purportedly, is why cake largely goes uneaten at birthday parties attended by Chelsea Handler.

Link: Chelsea Handler On Rumored Sex Tape: “I’ve Been Showing It at Birthday Parties for Years (Access Hollywood)

Lost — An Italian website claims to have in its possession six pages of the script from Lost’s anxiously anticipated May 23 finale. Many are reticent to believe the pages to be authentic, however, since so many of the stage directions feature lines like “Locke, dressed very fashionably, beeps the vespa’s horn,”  “Jack gesticulates wildly and talks loudly in a restaurant,” and “Hurley makes passionate love to your American wife.”

Link: Aviso di Spoiler! Italian Web Site Says It Has Pages from Lost Finale Script (NY Times)

N.W.A. — The screenwriter of Oliver Stone’s recent drama “World Trade Center” has been tapped to join the efforts to bring a biography of influential rap group N.W.A. to the big screen. Surprisingly, it’s not a cop film. It also, likely, will not feature Ice Cube being hilariously attacked by a raccoon in front of his kids.

Link: “World Trade Center” Scribe Joins “N.W.A. Film” (Hollywood Reporter)

Rambo — Star of the upcoming summer action flick The Expendables Sylvester Stallone tells Britain’s Empire Online that there will not be any more Rambo sequels, saying they’re not necessary. “We finally have an answer to our question of whether there will be more Rambos!” said no one.

Link: Stallone Not Making More Rambos (DigitalSpy)

Weller, Paul — The former front man of late seventies-early eighties British mod band The Jam tells Britain’s Q Magazine that Bono and Sting are “conceited.” Because “conceited,” apparently means that you’re not taking calls from the former lead singer of The Jam. It’s a conceited world.

Link: Paul Weller Branding Bono and Sting “Conceited” (Ace Showbiz)

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