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Sam Worthington Is Currently Considering Roles Playing Everyone You’ve Ever Seen in a Comic Book, Action Movie or Exciting Television Program

May 5, 2010

How time flies. Here we are, not even at the one-year anniversary mark of the first time you saw Sam Worthington on the big screen in 2009’s Terminator: Salvation, and now you — like me —  probably can’t even fathom a world without Sam Worthington in it. Nor would you want to, probably. And nor would Entertainment Tonight want you to.

It is, then, a good thing that it seems you’ll never have to imagine a world without Sam Worthington — because as his only three major Hollywood films have proven, Sam Worthington is indeed qualified to play anyone in any action script ever. It’s true. Perhaps it’s his superior acting skills which have rocketed him to the top of the hot list for any blockbusting producer. Or perhaps it’s Hollywood’s unnatural and slightly offputting obsession with Australians. Or perhaps it’s because he doesn’t shave.

Whatever the reason, Sam Worthington, in less than a year, is already apparently in rumored talks to play the lead character in every movie franchise currently in the pipeline, ensuring that he will someday be the face you can attribute to all of your fondest childhood heroes. And that will be nice, because then you’ll only have to remember Sam Worthington, and not a bunch of other, non-Sam-Worthington actors who probably did stupid things like “originate the role” or “develop the character.” Sam Worthington will be all those people, and he will run around and he will jump and he will kill monsters and flee from explosions and fight bad guys.

It’s true. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, Sam Worthington has been in three major movies in one year. That is, apparently,  good enough for him to be treated by Access Hollywood to be one of the most important people in the world.  It’s also enough to be “rumored to be considered,” at least, for the upcoming film roles of — and this is no embellishment, these rumors are all trackable  — Flash Gordon, Captain America, James Bond, Batman, The Green Lantern, Mad Max, The Phantom, and Dracula. Of this prestigious list, the only signed contract Worthington has is for a 2012 adaptation wherein he will play the latter famous vampire, but that hasn’t stopped “buzz” for insinuating Worthington in the other roles. Not bad for an Aussie who only recently appeared as “Gus Rogers” in the Australian Twilight Zone derivative Two Twisted‘s episode “Delivery Man.”

In fact, Sam Worthington is so damn famous in one year that we’ve already named the next him. The film blog Screenrant recently ran an article touting Worthington’s fellow handsome acting associate Taylor Kitsch as possibly being “the next Sam Worthington.” Never mind that Sam Worthington became famous playing roles in movies that were going to make a ton of money whether they starred Sam Worthington or not (as if there was any question a James Cameron 3-D movie, a Terminator film and a Clash of the Titans relied on casting) — Taylor Kitsch is already, obviously, well on his way to taking over the mantle from Worthington. Kitsch’s upcoming star-making turn? Peter Berg’s Battleship. Yeah, that sounds about right.

So as we wait for the Avatar sequel, we should all just sit back and enjoy Worthington’s meteoric rise to stardom. We should obsess over who he’s dating, or what he thinks about certain things, or where he’s been seen eating. Just don’t get too froggy with your fame, Worthington. You’re not impervious. After all, Hugh Jackman did one Kate & Leopold and today he’s a song and dance man and a now-lackluster X-Man; Gerard Butler makes one Katherine Heigl vehicle and suddenly he’s playing sidekick to Jennifer Aniston inMidnight Run for 40-ish single ladies.” Keep it on the level and we’ll probably still be seeing you next year, Worthington. But heed this advice: Shave and it’s all over, Golden Boy.

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