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The Entertation Index: May 6

May 6, 2010

Kardashian, Kim — The E! star is coming under fire from ex-husband Damon Thomas (wait — Kim Kardashian’s been married?), with Thomas claiming that his ex is a “fame whore” who will step on anyone to get what she wants, can’t sing or dance, does harmful things to validate herself in the media and loves having plastic surgery. “That’s completely false,” responded Kardashian. “I don’t love having plastic surgery.”

Link: Kim Kardashian’s Ex Damon Thomas: She is a Plastic Surgery-Loving “Fame Whore” (Huffington Post)

Glee — Undoubtedly thrilling millions of goofy thirtysomethings across the country with their homage, Ohio State Students staged a Glee-derivative flash mob on Monday to promote the new Ohio State Student Union. At 12:35, cheerleaders, jocks and intellectuals all joined into a giant choreographed dance to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” While overemphatic, Glee-loving bloggers across the nation simultaneously lost their minds with happiness over the event, junior Derek Gilson told reporters “Look, am I surprised that the staff of the OSU Student Union watches Glee? No. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more pot to smoke.”

Link: Ohio State Students Stage a “Glee”-Inspired Flash Mob (USA Today)

Picasso, Pablo — Tuesday night saw the largest price ever paid for a piece of art at Christie’s Auction House in New York when an obscure Picasso painting entitled “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust” sold for a whopping $106.5 million. While the buyer was unidentified, sources close to the runner-up bidder reported him to be “relieved to have lost,” as he was only repeatedly upping the stakes to impress a first date with a female Picasso enthusiast who works at the Starbucks down the street from his apartment.

Link: A Picasso Sets and Auction Record (New York Times)

Rubber — This month’s Cannes Film Festival will reportedly feature a thriller entitled Rubber, about a telepathic tire who goes on a murderous rampage against humans to avenge his tire brethren after coming across a burning tire fire. While many critics seem confused about the premise of the art film, Paula Abdul has come to Rubber’s defense, offhandedly remarking “I don’t see what the big deal is. I had a conversation with a tire for two hours the other day. And then I woke up on a Palm Springs Pier 1 restroom floor.”

Link: “Rubber” Teaser Trailer: A Film About a Killer Tire With Psychic Powers (Slashfilm)

Transformers 3 — The latest rumor on Michael Bay’s second Transformer sequel reports that acting juggernauts Jamie Kennedy and Patrick Dempsey may both figure into the film’s cast. It’s official. Michael Bay is just trying to see how much crap he can fill a movie with and still have us go pay money to see it.

Link: Transformers 3 May Cast Jamie Kennedy and Patrick Dempsey (CinemaBlend)

World, Real — A woman is suing The Real World for five million dollars, claiming “invasion of privacy, false light and disclosure of private facts” after she claims she was given several alcoholic drinks, then humiliated and ejected from the house for refusing to have sex with one of the cast members. While the plaintiff is embarrassed by her one-time portrayal on the Washington, D.C. season of the MTV reality juggernaut, as always the actual cast members of the program remain completely oblivious to how much they embarrass themselves weekly for the entire season.

Link: The Real World Being Sued for $5 Million (EW)

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