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The Entertation Index: May 10

May 10, 2010

Auctions, Art –The New York Times recently ran a fascinating piece about the culture of art auctions and the proclivities of some to bid anonymously, such as the winning auction-goer who on Tuesday purchased a Picasso painting for 106.5 million by telephone at Christie’s in New York. That leads me to a TBTS Blind Item: I’m not going to pretend I know the identity of last week’s mysterious art lover, dear readers, but I will say this — Wayne Manor is getting ready to be a lot more stylish.

Link: The Coy Art of the Mystery Bidder (NY Times)

Cruise, Tom — A defector from Hollywood’s Church of Scientology claims that the trendy religion’s leader David Miscavige used to personally read and play audio from Tom Cruise’s Scientology professionals at parties so attendees could ridicule him. Apparently, it eventually got so repetitive and expected for Miscavige to show up with his Cruise transcripts, people even started asking to see Chelsea Handler’s sex tape.

Link: Tom Cruise’s Scientology Confessionals Secretly Recorded and Ridiculed at Parties (Gawker)

Letterman, David — See: Man 2, Iron

Lohan, Lindsay — Chris Sivertson, the director of the 2007 Lindsay Lohan murder thriller and well-known absolute failure I Know Who Killed Me admits to the L.A. Times that not only  did he have to use a body double for the actress after she repeatedly failed to show up on the set, he even shot the movie’s climactic scene with a double and grafted Lohan’s face onto the actress during post-production. Sivertson says that the film remains a black mark on his resume to this day. “And don’t even get me started on how I ruined some poor young lady’s life completely by telling her her she looked like Lindsay Lohan,” he reportedly added.

Link: The Lindsay Lohan Maelstrom, Pulling Filmmakers Into Its Currents (Los Angeles Times)

Man 2, Iron — The results are in, and it’s a hit. As of Sunday night, the action sequel raked in an estimated $133 million for Paramount, making Iron Man 2 the fifth-largest opening weekend on record. I actually saw Iron Man 2 this weekend and it is a lot of fun, although if you’re not careful you may miss David Letterman’s super-secret cameo in the film.

Link: Iron Man 2 Cleans Up with $133.6M (Huffington Post)

Quest, Elf — (yes,…seriously) is reporting that a film version of the cult comic/animated series/roleplaying game has been delivered to Warner Brothers Pictures. Universal executives, perplexed at how to market the film in cinemas, has decided to hype the movie in theaters as the chance to watch an ElfQuest movie on the largest computer screen you’ve ever seen.  Casting was easy, however, as the directors just decided to do without a female romantic lead. Rumor also has it that shooting was halted after the director of cinematography’s glasses were taken and broken in the Warner Brothers’ cafeteria. This could go on all day, folks…

Link: ElfQuest Movie News (are you seriously going to “ElfQuest Movie News?”)

Roth, David Lee — An Allentown, Pennsylvania woman has been showing up at a city courthouse repeatedly for four years trying to gain a divorce from former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth. The problem, however, is that she’s crazy. Crazy for thinking she’s married to Roth, whom she’s never even actually met, you ask? No, crazy for marrying that wildman in the first place. Am I right? High five! Par-tayyyyyy.

Link: The Strange Case Against David Lee Roth (The Morning Call)

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