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The Entertation Index: May 14

May 14, 2010

Aniston, Jennifer — The former Friend and star of countless, very memorable movies took to People magazine to deny reports that she eats up to fourteen jars of baby food each day as part of her diet. Khloe Kardashian, facing similar reports, adversely responded to People that “Yes, I do eat baby.” When pressed, she hurriedly corrected herself. “…Food, I mean! Baby food!” Kardashian then finished her interview secretly relieved that no one caught on to her near slip-up. On other health related article you can visit podiatric sports medicine elmhurst il for more ankle sprain medicine or theraphy.

Link: Jennifer Aniston: I’m Not Eating Baby Food! (People)

Beatles, The — Reliable British music site NME reports that a film is to be based on the graphic novel Paul is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion, which features a zombie hunting Mick Jagger and Yoko Ono as a ninja. This will likely be less exciting news to those of us who have been under the impression that Ringo Starr has already been a zombie for years.

Link: The Beatles to “Star” in Zombie Film (NME)

Kutcher, Ashton — In even further baby news, a Nightline segment airing last night interviewed Mr. Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, and asked if he and Moore planned on having what the Huffington Post repeatedly describes in its story as “biological babies.” I guess there has to be some qualifier in there to let audiences know that Moore and Kutcher aren’t planning an assault on the world, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, with an giant superarmy of robot babies.

Link: Ashton Kutcher Talks Biological Babies with Demi Moore (Huffington Post)

O.A.R. — The rock band O.A.R., whose band initials signify “Of a Revolution” (just FYI) freely admit that they’re not embarrassed of the massive commercialization of their current hit song “This Town” and insinuate that writing engineered songs for engineered profit is a new “outlet” for them. This is, of course, opposed to O.A.R.’s old outlet, which was simply waiting on someone to exclaim “Quick! I need some really shitty jam band music to fill the next eighteen minutes!”

Link: Fox Puts “This Town” in Every Town (Vindy)

One, Theater for — Theater visionary Christine Jones has announced that her latest project will be entitled “A Theater for One” and take place in Times Square over ten days, consisting of a “movable box nine feet long and four feet wide” that will feature one performer and one audience member only. Although I think we can all remember when Times Square used to be filled with booths for one performer and one audience member only, and the city shut that down.

Link: A Theater for Just One (NY Times)

Reed, Lou — What? No, Lou Reed isn’t crazy, he just wants to put on a concert for your dog. The former Velvet Underground frontman is teaming with his wife to host Music for Dogs, a series of excessively high pitched concerts at the Sydney Opera House. Unfortunately, barkstage passes are limited. And the show will feature a lot of woofers. And the audience will be asked to sit. I could do this all day, folks.

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Link: Lou Reed & Laurie Anderson Bring Music for Dogs to Sydney Opera House (twentyfourbit)

Stones, Rolling — If you haven’t been watching Late Night With Jimmy Fallon this week, you’ve missed a lot of fun watching today’s current acts like Green Day and Keith Urban covering hits from the Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street to mark the re-release of the band’s famous album. Friday closes the week with NBC using the hour to air a documentary on the making of Exile, and it should make for a pretty solid show. Should be worth checking out.

Link: “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” Hosts Weeklong Celebration of the Rolling Stones (Broadway World)

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