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The Entertation Index: May 17

May 17, 2010

Brand, Russell – The British comedian tells Playboy that his father got him drunk and bought him a prostitute in Hong Kong for his 16th birthday.  I got $50 and a shirt for my 16th.  Hear that Mom and Dad?  My 34th is coming up; there’s still time.

Link: Russell’s Questionnaire (Playboy)

Cruise, Suri – TomKat’s daughter was seen recently carrying an $850 Ferragamo purse, one of many pricy fashion items that Tom insists she picks out for herself.  Keep that chocolate-stained, soon-to-be discarded handbag in mind when you’re making your house or rent payment this month.

Link: Suri’s Accessories (Popeater)

More Machine Than Man...

Gaga, Lady – The outré singer collected several platinums and some Echo awards in Berlin.  Smiling from behind her veil, these photos prove that she is close to completing her transformation into complete absurdity.

Link: Gaga Echoes (Huffington Post)

Kaulitz, Tom – A member of Germany’s most successful boy-band, Hotel Tokio, experienced a two-day erection after taking a bunch of black-market Viagra after a concert in Taiwan.  Sorry, but I just couldn’t think of a way to talk about this without starting with “A member.”

Link: Attention, Members (The Sun)

Lohan, Lindsay – The troubled starlet must attend four more alcohol education classes by this Thursday or she may go to jail.  So instead she has gone to an Iggy Pop concert in New York, partied at 1OAK, and flown to Cannes.  When asked what she was doing missing her classes, she may have replied, “Field research?”

Link: Detention for Lohan? (Anything Hollywood)

Rhys Myers, Jonathan – The Tudors star has been banned from flying United Airlines due to his repeated drunk and disorderly airport episodes.  When asked to comment, he supposedly replied, “How else am I supposed to make it through an in-flight showing of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past?”

Link: It’s Time To Fly, Just Not for Rhys Myers (Radar Online)

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