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The Entertation Index: May 20

May 20, 2010

Autobiographies, Celebrity — The underground comedy theater hit Celebrity Autobiographies, which has actors and comedians giving dramatic readings from horrible books written by stars, finally has its own place on the web. Check out the following — Kristen Wiig reading poems from Suzanne Somers, and keep checking back for new short performances each week. Good stuff.

Link: Celebrity Autobiographies (My Damn Channel)

Ghostbusters — To draw attention to an upcoming 37 million dollar budget cut, the New York Public Library teamed with an improv group to recreate the opening scene of Ghostbusters inside the library on a busy day. Actors dressed like ghosts were chased from the Rose Reading Room on 42nd Street as the costumed ghostbusters chased them outside and down the street. Less successfully, the Hudson Bay Wharf is fighting cutbacks by recreating pivotal scenes from Turner and Hooch.

Link: Improve Everywhere Re-Enacts “Ghostbusters” in Bryant Park Library (Wall Street Journal)

Moore, Demi — Mrs. Ashton Kutcher is reportedly meeting with publishers and entertaining the idea of writing a book. Some feel it should be a biography, some feel it should be a self-help book and some hope it will be dishy Hollywood tell-all. Chances are strong, however, that Moore will do what she ‘s traditionally done best: take something old and crinkled and put a flashy new cover on it.

Link: Demi Moore is Shopping a Book Proposal (EW)

Moss, Kate — Nude photographs of the heroin-chic supermodel, taken in Marrakech in 1993, are set to be auctioned off at Christie’s in London this friday and are expected to garner at least 30,000 pounds (about $44,000 in U.S. dollars). Or for ten bucks, I’ll sell you some black and white photographs of an streetlamp. Your call.

Link: Naked Kate Moss Photos to Go Under the Hammer (24 World News)

Order, Law and — It’s over, Johnny: NBC has pulled the plug on the network’s flagship Law & Order after a whopping twenty seasons. Many are saddened by the axing of what’s become a prime time staple, no one more than those who now realize they’re going to have to read the newspaper and merely imagine what it would be like to see that very same real-life legal story they’re reading re-enacted by John Laroquette or Patti LuPone.

Link: Law & Order CANCELED by NBC (HuffPo)

Wyrick, Steve — The flashy, longtime Las Vegas magician recently closed his show at Planet Hollywood and yesterday declared for bankruptcy, citing only $5,500 and citing the source as “loans and gifts from mother.” It appears Wyrick is great at making things disappear; not so great at having them reappear.

Link: Magician Steve Wyrick Seeks Bankruptcy, Notes Liabilities of $54 Million (Las Vegas Sun)

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