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The Entertation Index: May 21

May 21, 2010

3, Transformers – Michael Bay’s third installment in the mega-blockbuster saga will introduce at least one shiny new sleek-looking humanoid.  That is, Megan Fox is off the film.  The movie will also have some new Transformers.

Link: Fox Out of TF3 (Yahoo)

Tim Burton on line 1!

Bogdanoff Twins, The – French actors Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff have gotten so addicted to plastic surgery that they no longer resemble their younger selves.  The visuals in Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” make a little more sense after seeing these pictures.

Link: Bogdanoff Twins Makovers (Gawker)

Cage, Nicolas – The money-troubled actor told The Sun that he would only eat animals whose sexual styles he respects.  For real.  He won’t eat pigs because they don’t rut in a proper manner.  However, he will eat fish due to their “dignified” sex lives, which involve the ladies laying a zillion eggs and some random fish dude coming by and spraying them with a cloud of sperm.  Um, Nic?  Have you read about how animals do it?

Link: Cage, Picky Eater (The Sun)

Kardashian, Kim – The oft-photographed celebutante says in an interview with Shape magazine that she began to develop very early, being the first in her class to wear a bra.  In contrast, Kardashian has just recently begun to develop a personality.

Link: Kim’s Interview (Huffington Post)

Meyers, Jonathan Rhys – The Tudors star has returned to rehab again, perhaps triggered by his ban from United Airlines after a drunken incident.  While we don’t know the location of the rehab facility, we do know that after he gets his card stamped this time, his next stay is free!

Link: Rhys Myers In Rehab Again (People)

Seyfried, Amanda – The rising starlet gives an interview to Self where she talks about scaling back on diet and exercise with pilates based physical therapy so that she can enjoy life a little more.  I wholeheartedly agree, but my suggestion for easy weight loss is to watch the trailer for Seyfried’s Letter’s To Juliet: your gorge should riseth, losing you 3-5 pounds in a single day!

Link: Seyfried in Self (Self)


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