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The Entertation Index: May 24

May 24, 2010

May cause hearing loss. Do you care?

Abdul, Paula – The American Idol ex-judge will appear this Wednesday for the season finale, and for Simon Cowell’s send-off.  To ready herself for the big show, reports indicate that she has already started drinking and crying.

Link: Paula Returns (Celebrity Cafe)

Bieber, Justin – The new R&B/pop-rap sensation was caught on video smacking his head into a revolving glass door in a Radisson in Germany.  Kid, no one knows how long you’re going to last in this business—could be a month, could be 30 years—so you better learn how to use “revolving doors.”

Link: Bieber Busts Face (Ace Showbiz)

Heigl, Katherine – Now that she has left the show, the Grey’s Anatomy actress admitted that she can no longer watch it.  When asked point blank by David Letterman, she replied, “I can’t.  I can’t do it.”  What a coincidence, Katherine.  Neither can we!

Link: Heigl Doesn’t Watch Grey’s Anymore (Huffington Post)

James, Jesse – Someone claiming to be James is selling vintage motorcycles, coffins, and West Coast Chopper-themed items on eBay.  Asked why he is getting rid of the items through online auction, James may have replied, “Hey, it’s the only place I can get positive feedback.”

Link: James Auctioning (Popeater)

Jonas, Kevin – The only Jonas who is allowed to have sex sleeps in a different bed from his wife, Danielle Deleasa.  This issue seems to be snoring: Jonas apparently saws logs like a Husqvarna.  “Jesus, I’d rather he put on one of his albums than listen to that all night,” Deleasa may have commented.

Link: Jonas Snores (Your Tango)

Viagra – A study published in USA Today has linked Viagra use with long-term hearing loss.  That’s because you’re supposed to take the pills orally, people!

Link: Viagra What? (USA Today)

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