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The Entertation Index: May 26

May 26, 2010

Ford, Harrison — As part of the celebration of the thirty-year anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, Harrison Ford recently sat down with George Lucas to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital and talk about the Star Wars series. Surprise tidbits included the fact that the Hoth scenes were literally shot right outside a hotel door, Chewbacca was actually too big to sit in the co-pilot chair of the Millennium Falcon and Yoda often showed up to the set drunk and was “all hands.”

Link: After 30 Years, Harrison Ford Breaks Silence and Speaks Out About “Star Wars” (YouBentMyWookie)

KISS — In preparations to launch their  “Hottest Show on Earth” tour this summer, the band is hosting chats on its Facebook page, hyping a “great opportunity” for unheard and unsigned bands to open for them at every show, and are kicking things off at Wyoming’s Cheyenne Frontier Days. Something tells me there ain’t a lot of that KISS money left, folks.

Link: Hottest Show on Earth Kiss Tour Launches July 24 (Barefoot Music News)

Order, Law and — Monday saw the end of NBC’s long-running series Law & Order quietly slink off into the sunset with its series finale. While some feel the crime procedural drama ended as solidly as it began, some critics feel that the finale sold the series short — most notably by dropping Sam Waterston in mid-closing argument and cutting to black over Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Link: Law & Order Finale Doesn’t Do Series Justice (Boston Herald)

Oswalt, Patton — If something seemed oddly familiar about Columbia University valedictorian Bryan Corman’s May 16 commencement speech, it’s because the stories shared by Corman in the speech seemed very eerily familiar to precise stories told by comedian Patton Oswalt in his stand-up act. Oswalt called Corman out in a recent Twitter post and Columbia has since made a public apology. Crowds were tipped off to the fishiness when Corman ended his speech by thanking the audience for coming out to “Chuckles'” and reminding them to tip their waiters.

Link: Comedian Not Laughing Over Columbia Graduate’s Speech (NY Times)

Sex and the City 2 — The first official reviews are trickling in, and as you might have expected, the Hollywood Reporter is describing the Sex and the City sequel using terms like “outrageous antics,” “boxoffice bonanza” and…“blatantly anti-Muslim”? Whaaaat? The film allegedly makes several jokes about the misogynist culture of the Middle East which could be construed as politically incorrect. I can’t say I’m surprised, especially after the first film featured major subplots of Charlotte using her feminine wiles to corrupt the entire head office of the Mennonite church and Miranda egregiously mocking phantom limb syndrome. From here on out, though, whenever I hear someone spouting anti-Muslim rhetoric, I’m just going to shake my head and say “That’s why you’re our Samantha!”

Link: Sex and the City 2 Film Review (Hollywood Reporter)

Gene Simmons

Vodka, Crystal Head — The Liquor Control Board of Ontario, Canada, recently banned actor Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head brand vodka from distributors because they feel the packaging — a glass bust of a skull with a spout on top — may be too grim and macabre for consumers. Also being yanked from Ontario grocers’ shelves is Aykroyd’s cleaning aid “Ghost Dusters.” Wow, that was bad.

Link: Ontario Bans Dan Aykroyd’s Skull-Shaped Vodka (Globe and Mail)

Waves, Katrina and the — Twenty-five years ago this week, the 80’s smash hit “Walkin’ on Sunshine” hit airwaves and made pop group Katrina and the Waves a remarkable example of a one-hit wonder. NPR claims that despite their lack of follow-up success, however, the band still nets around $1 million per year in royalties on “Walkin’ on Sunshine.” And every year, they just go and blow it on Pound Puppies and fingerless gloves.

Link: Katrina and the Waves: “Walkin’ On Sunshine” With the Winning Lotto Ticket (NPR)

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