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The Entertation Index: May 31

May 31, 2010

Deaths, Celebrity — This weekend saw the passing of two icons of pop culture. Gary Coleman, who played lovable Arnold Drummond on Different Strokes, and Dennis Hopper, star of both Easy Rider and one of my favorite scenes ever opposite Chris Walken in True Romance. Though very different careers, Hopper and Coleman will both always be remembered for the indelible marks they American culture.

Link: Dennis Hopper (ABC News), Gary Coleman (USA Today)

Keefe, Peter — The producer who created the series Voltron by adapting two Japanese series in the 1980’s has also passed. His funeral will consist of several small coffins fit together to create one giant supercoffin.

Link: Voltron Producer Peter Keefe has Died (FOX)

Ke$ha — The pop songstress is being sued by former managers DAS Communications, who claim that Ke$ha, who signed with the agency as a fledgling singer, agreed to pay DAS twenty percent of her music income earnings and also squeezed her out after joining forces with songwriter Dr. Luke. DAS is demanding sums of up to $26 million in total from the pair, which — if successful –would inevitably force the singer to be heretofore known as Ke ha.

 Link: Ke$ha Sued by Former Managers (HuffPo)

Nicholson, Jack — Jessica Simpson recently told the UK’s Sun that the three-time Oscar winner invited her to his Beverly Hills mansion for a dinner date. Simpson allegedly told him no thanks, seeing as she’s not into professional golfers.

Link: Nicholson “Asked Jessica Simpson on Date” (DigitalSpy)

Simpson, Jessica — See: Nicholson, Jack

Theater, London — London’s famous West End has announced that the American counterculture musical Hair will not be recast and continue to play in London after the production finishes its run in September, citing tourism woes, the election, and “the ash cloud.” However, heartthrob Nick Jonas will be joining the cast of the West End’s Les Miserables in June, proving that while hippies may be susceptible, not even a catastrophic volcanic ash cloud sent from God can stop the Jonas Brothers’ frightening reign.

Link: No Hair Replacements for Musical’s West End Production (NY Times)

Veterans — It’s Memorial Day, and we here at TBTS would like to thank the many men and women of the armed forces who, throughout the history of this country, have given their lives so that we may continue live freely. Thus, in true pop culture form, we salute you with a fave around these parts: Bugs Bunny joining the war effort and putting one over on der Fuhrer himself.

Link: Merrie Melodies — Herr Meets Hare (YouTube)

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