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The Entertation Index: June 1

June 1, 2010

Hobbit, The – The much anticipated two-film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit has been put on hold indefinitely due to financial issues at MGM.  Worse, the director chosen to helm the two movies, Guillermo del Toro, has quit the films due to the delays.  Anyone familiar with his work knows this is truly unfortunate, not least because other than Peter Jackson, del Toro is the director who looks most like a Hobbit.

Link: Hobbit On Hold (LA Times)

McGee, Michelle – After repeatedly apologizing to Sandra Bullock for contributing to the breakup of her marriage, Jesse James’ mistress “Bombshell” McGee will make $500/hour for a naked photo shoot promoting, a website dedicated entirely to infidelity.  McGee has supposedly indicated that the thousands of apology cards she’ll send out will be signed personally by her.

Link: Bombshell McGee’s New Gig (TMZ)

Michaels, Bret – The resilient rocker has been suggested as a replacement for Simon Cowell on American Idol, apparently with Simon’s approval.  Michaels may judge with the same intensity as Cowell, but the phrase “Dude looks like he’s going to blow a blood vessel” will have to be taken much more seriously.

Link: Michaels to AI? (Buddy TV)

Actual photo: Heidi and Spencer

Montag, Heidi – The plastic princess may be leaving husband Spencer Pratt, according to “sources.”  It is unclear if she is initiating the split, or if Spencer started it when he supposedly decided to make everything in his house all-natural.

Link: Heidi May Move Out (Huffington Post)

Political Parties, Icelandic – We here at TBTS tend to keep politics out of our comedy, but when the two intersect as cleanly as they do in Iceland, it simply cannot be ignored.  The Best Party, founded by comedian Jon Gnarr, has won elections in Reykjavik with promises of free towels at swimming pools and a new polar bear for the zoo.  The “best” part, though: the party’s Tina Turner campaign song, which features a guy who sounds like Rammstein, and lots of phrases that somehow rhyme in English, too.

Link: Iceland’s The Best (Gawker)

Shrek 4 – In what could be the final movie in the series, Shrek Forever After won the Memorial Day weekend box office over Sex and the City 2.  One movie involves fictional, unnatural, aging creatures struggling to recapture their magic and mystique; the other features ogres.

Link: Shrek Wins (Gather)

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