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The Entertation Index: June 2

June 2, 2010

Art Scene, French — The New York Times writes an interesting piece on the changing face of Paris’ art scene, detailing how in a few short years the southeastern Rue Louise Weiss has gone from being a bustling hub of galleries and artists to a ghost town as a new arts district pops up in the working-class area of Belleville. Not changing about the French? That they suck.

Link: Paris Art Scene’s Got a Brand New Beat (NY Times)

Ferguson, Sarah — You don’t get much pop-culturerier than the modern Royal Family, and after scandal-ridden Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson was accused of soliciting bribes for information on the Royals from a tabloid reporter posing as a businessman, it was the great Oprah who swept in for the rescue. During an exclusive interview on Winfrey’s show yesterday, Ferguson repeatedly referred to herself in the third person — what’s known as the “royal she.” It should also be known that the Entertation Index just gave you the answer to the question “How are Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson and former Public Enemy Flavor Flav similar?” You’re welcome.

Link: An Oprah Visitation for the Royal She (NY Times)

Pursuit, Trivial — Chris Haney, the co-creator of international trivia game phenomenon Trivial Pursuit, passed away over the weekend at age 59. His legacy will surely live on in living rooms around the world, however, through the classic board game which Time magazine once called “an American social phenomenon.” in true Trivial Pursuit fashion, there is still debate surrounding Haney’s final resting spot over whether his pallbearers will be able to just put the casket in his gravesite or whether the exact number of steps must be made to do such.

Link: Chris Haney, Co-Creator of Iconic Board Game Trivial Pursuit, Dies at 59 (NY Daily News)

Sex and the City 2 — The great thing about not being a fan of the Sex and the City franchise is that one doesn’t even really have to speak out against Carrie, Samantha and the gang…sometimes the rest of the world just does it for you. So why don’t you stop being such a Charlotte already and take a look at Huffington Post columnist Virginia M. Moncrieff’s rounding up of the most awful, damning lines from reviews of the current Sex and the City sequel?

Link: The Funniest Lines from Scathing SATC2 Reviews (HuffPo)

Sinatras, Trash Can — 1990’s Indie darlings Trash Can Sinatras recently kicked off their tour — after thinking it might be fun to take a fan’s suggestion — by performing an acoustic concert in a fan’s living room in Portland, Oregon. Please note that this was a tongue in cheek lark for the fun-loving Scottish band, and not to be confused by the recent Ace of Base tour kickoff, which began in the band’s Swedish living room and will feature several more shows also in the band’s living room.

Link: Trash Can Sinatras Kick Off Their Tour…In a Fan’s Living Room (PopCandy)

Wives, Basketball — Suzie Ketchum, A cast member of VH1’s reality program “Basketball Wives” and wife of former Los Angeles Clipper Michael Olowokandi, was arrested for “misdemeanor battery” after throwing “a large amount of water” on a fellow castmate during the program’s reunion show. I don’t say this often, friends, but if you even knew there was a show called “Basketball Wives,” much less have watched it all the way to a “reunion show,” then congratulations — you are officially watching way more television than I am.

Link: “Basketball Wives” Star Arrested for Throwing Water at Woman, LAPD Says (LA Times)

  1. urdead2me permalink
    June 3, 2010 8:38 am

    RIP – Chris Haney, 59, loved Trivial Pursuit. Why not? He & pal Scott Abbot invented it. Tired of Scrabble and smashed on Sangria, these Canadians sketched out the pie-shaped classic in little over an hour. The rest is, well, trivial.


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