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Come on, Huffington Post, Please Don’t Make Me Defend Katherine Heigl

June 8, 2010

It can certainly be argued that Katherine Heigl is kinda lame. A lot of people, including me, thought her post-Knocked Up comments about the film’s sexism were, at best, misdirected. She could certainly be questioned for taking subsequent roles in, and not hurling the same criticism at, The Ugly Truth (a horrible movie that portrays women as cartoonish idiots) and other not-exactly-empowering films. And lately, she’s gone on a binge of criticizing her former show Grey’s Anatomy—the job that, you know, made it possible for us to know who the hell Katherine Heigl is. It seems she has a bit of an addiction to burning bridges, a quality that makes her seem petty and churlish and does her no favors in the public eye.

So I take no pleasure in defending her, but defend her I must, from the way the Huffington Post handled one of her recent comments. When asked on the Killers premiere red carpet about the tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Heigl’s impromptu response was, “”This is really, really, bad. I think someone needs to get in there and do what we can to right away to stop it. There’s lots of, you know, lots of animal life and sea life that are being killed by this.”

Now, hers is certainly not a prize-winning analysis. I’d even go so far as to call it vapid. But it’s really not that big a deal because Heigl has nothing to do with the spill or the cleanup. We’re certainly hearing far more idiotic, disingenuous, harmful, dastardly things coming from the mouths of the vile (de)regulators and corporate executives responsible for this mess. Isn’t that what we should be concerned about?

In fact, none of us should even know about Heigl’s comments. The only reason we do is that the Huffington Post decided to set up the clip with the headline, “Katherine Heigl Explains How to Stop the Oil Spill.” Who wouldn’t click on that headline with the expectation that she would say something colossally stupid and misinformed? With that introduction, it really doesn’t matter what she says—her comments will automatically sound empty-headed through juxtaposition with the headline. I’d wager that she wasn’t even asked about “how to stop the oil spill,” but rather merely for her thoughts on what’s going on in the Gulf.

So this Huffington Post headline and “article” are not only misleading, but also just plain mean-spirited. I entreat the HuffPo editors to save their bandwidth for more worthwhile endeavors such as: 1) excoriating the corporate corner-cutting and deregulatory delirium that led to the oil spill in the first place, and 2) criticizing Katherine Heigl when she actually deserves it.

Besides, if you’re looking for dumb answers to serious questions, it still starts and stops everywhere like such as right here, my fellow US Americans:

  1. T. Stump permalink
    June 9, 2010 2:15 am

    I’m definitely with you on this one.
    Ahh, the Huffington Post….While I could read policy analyses by thinkers like Richard Florida or Aaron Renn, why would I want to soil my brain with meaningless concepts like “depth” and “expertise” when I can learn how Gunther from “Friends” would solve the financial crisis? Better yet, perhaps there’s an article discussing solutions to the freeway congestion quagmire from a former “Real World” cast member!

    Who needs Kunstler when you can have Colin from Hawaii!? Perhaps Ruthie and Kaia can write a joint piece on the Palestine-Israel conflict.


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