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The Entertation Index: June 9

June 9, 2010

Coleman, Gary – The actor’s will makes very clear who he wants to attend his funeral: “those who have no financial ties to me and who can look each other in the eyes and say they really cared personally for Gary Coleman.”  Press is not allowed.  He wanted to be cremated, avoiding a fight over which two people would carry his casket.

Link: Coleman’s Funeral (People)

Gosselin, Jon – Oh, you’d forgotten about the Jon & Kate Plus Eight dad?  Well, RadarOnline has posted a 9-minute video of Gosselin and ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman supposedly stoned out of their skulls in beautiful St. Tropez, France, complaining about being in beautiful St. Tropez, France.  You know what this means: in two months when you’ve forgotten about the Gosselins again…sex tape!  (See Staub, Danielle, below)

Link: Jon and Hailey, High (Radar Online)

This is not how I remember alcohol education class.

Lohan, Lindsay – LiLo’s is angrily dismissing rumors that her SCRAM bracelet went off at Katy Perry’s MTV Music Awards after-party because of alcohol consumption, insisting she had nothing to drink.  Her publicist explained that if the bracelet did go off, it’s simply because, due to a genetic abnormality, Lohan is actually made of alcohol.

Link: Lohan’s Bracelet (OK!)

Moore, Demi – HarperCollins announced that Demi Moore will write a memoir focusing on her relationships with her mother and three daughters.  The book will feature a great-looking new cover, but a bunch of old stuff inside.

Link: Moore’s Memoirs (EW)

Serratos, Christian – The 19-year-old Twilight star tells Maxim that she considers her nude PETA photo shoot a success, since Mario Lopez said it inspired him to stop eating meat.  Beating, however…

Link: Serratos’ Shoot (Maxim)

Staub, Danielle – Another day, another “celebrity” sex tape.  Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Danielle Staub purportedly makes an appearance in a raunchy romp with an unidentified man on a 75-minute tape to be distributed by Hustler.  Set for release on June 14.  Be sure to avoid it.

Link: Staub On Film (TMZ)

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