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The Entertation Index: June 10

June 10, 2010

Costner, Kevin – The latest celebrity to offer oil spill suggestions, Costner has offered a machine whose development he helped fund to clean massive amounts of oily Gulf water.  This comes after the cast of Jersey Shore supposedly agreed to donate their hair to help soak up the oil, but were rejected because BP thought it would only exacerbate the problem.

Link: Costner’s Plan To Save the Gulf (ABC News)

Cox, Courteney – The Friends co-star tells the L.A. Times that she would love to see the gang team up again for a Friends movie, and that colleague Jennifer Aniston actually has a good idea for such a film.  It would start out slightly cheesy; find its witty stride in the first half; then start to take itself way too seriously and suck until the end.

Link: Friends Movie? (L.A. Times)

Frankel, Bethenny – The Real Housewife of New York married Jason Hoppy earlier in 2010, but she reveals that it’s not her first wedding.  She revealed a “secret” first marriage to Peter Sussman, who was her best friend for five years before they tied the knot.  CNN’s Larry King, emboldened by Frankel’s example, revealed his secret first 14 marriages.

Link: Frankel’s No Newbie (NY Daily News)

No, Katie is not 6 years old in this picture.

Holmes, Katie – While husband Tom Cruise reprises his Tropic Thunder role as filth-spewing Les Grossman and gets down and dirty with Jennifer Lopez at the MTV Music Awards, Holmes hugs a giant pink-clad dancing mouse named Angelina Ballerina.  Seriously, are these two really married?

Link: Holmes + Mouse (Celebuzz)

Montag, Heidi – Headlines read “Heidi Montag SPLIT!”  We assumed this referred to an unfortunate side effect of one of her dozens of plastic surgeries, but turns out it was only referring to her marriage.

Link: Montag-Spencer Split? (Huffington Post)

Orman, Suze – The celebrity financial advisor had an emergency appendectomy on her 59th birthday this weekend.  During the procedure, she supposedly stared maniacally at the camera and screamed about how you could save money by performing yours at home, you fool.

Link: Suze’s Surgery (People)

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