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The Entertation Index: June 11

June 11, 2010

You cannot possibly comprehend how cool this is.

Bulbs, Filament — The New York Times writes about a current trend in hipster NYC eateries — bare filament light bulbs, which are making a huge comeback in the city’s most sought-after restaurants. And here, only a few short years ago, I hosted the same technology in my very own kitchen — only then it wasn’t “oooh, look how cool your apartment is,” it was “your kitchen sucks. Why is it so dark?” Some people just don’t appreciate the fine things.

Link: Vintage Light Bulbs are Hot, but Ignite a Debate (NY Times)

Hasselhoff, David — Comedy Central has announced that their next celebrity roast will focus on former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff. What’s unclear, however, is how Comedy Central plans to find at least ten people who can make David Hasselhoff look more ridiculous than he repeatedly does all by himself.

Link: David Hasselhoff: I’m Ready to Get Roasted (CNN)

Hewitt, Jennifer Love — As Warner Brothers prepares a film adaptation of the superheroine comic Wonder Woman, rumors report that Ghost Whisperer Jennifer Love Hewitt is apparently “obsessed” with playing Wonder Woman. On a related note: after the aforementioned information, millions of men are now also obsessed with Hewitt playing Wonder Woman.

Link: Hewitt “Obsessed” With landing Wonder Woman Role (MSN)

Jones, Indiana — A reputable New Zealand magazine claims to have information surrounding the upcoming fifth installment of the Indiana Jones saga, purporting its plot to revolve in some way about the Bermuda Triangle. Rumors are that a major story point will feature Indiana Jones and his team seeking and discovering the Bermuda Triangle and, subsequently, tossing all remaining DVD copies of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull into it.

Link: Indiana Jones 5 Heading to the Bermuda Triangle? (Cinematical)

Mayer, John — The Huffington Post recently ran a photo of egotistical troubadour Mayer and Jersey Shore‘s “The Situation” having what HuffPo referred to as an “ab-off.” Many people agreed that they both were equally huge, because those people misheard and thought John Mayer and The Situation were having an “ass-off.”

Link: John Mayer & The Situation: Who Has Better Abs? (HuffPo)

Montag, Heidi — The always-reliable Star Magazine reports that The Hills star Heidi Montag allegedly purchased a pregnancy test from a Malibu pharmacy an is “scared she could be pregnant” with husband Spencer Pratt. She’s scared? Friends, if this is true, we all need to start repenting right this second, because there is no way this demon child isn’t a harbinger of the end of days.

Link: Montag “Scared She Could Be Pregnant” (DigitalSpy)

Staub, Danielle — The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member claims that she is being harassed on Facebook by the daughter of a fellow castmate, telling reporters that “this is how hate crimes begin.” Oddly enough, however, for many people The Real Housewives of New Jersey is where actual “hate” began.

Link: Danielle Staub: “This is How Hate Crimes Begin” (New Jersey Star-Ledger)

Tony Awards — A Tempe, Arizona theater on the campus of Arizona State University has reportedly canceled its plans to host a Tony-watching party for Sunday night’s award ceremony. Allegedly, the reason for the cancellation is that they couldn’t find anyone left in the state who could make a decent salsa.

Link: Arizona Tonys-Watching Party Canceled (NY Times)

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