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The Entertation Index: June 18

June 18, 2010

Cyrus — The Jonah Hill/John C. Reilly comedy Cyrus, which is growing acclaim after a strong Sundance showing, is boosting its word of mouth before its widespread opening by launching a whopping seventeen viral websites devoted to the film These website addresses include,,,, and, among others. One domain the Cyrus producers haven’t yet purchased, however, is

Link: “Cyrus” Tries to Set the Record for Viral Websites (PopCandy)

A scene from the original ending of Pretty Woman.

Endings, Movie — Those clever devils over at Popcrunch have compiled a rather interesting list featuring seven movies which had original endings hated by the focus group audiences which test-watched them. The films in question include Blade Runner, Heathers, Army of Darkness, Pretty Woman and others. Not mentioned here? The well-known fact that test audiences didn’t care for the unsettling original ending of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, in which everyone is crushed to death by giant, dangerous foods falling from the sky.

Link: 7 Great Movie Endings Demolished by Test Audiences (PopCrunch)

Goodman, John — The Roseanne star joined David Letterman last night and revealed a thin new body, telling Letterman that he once weighed close to 400 pounds. There’s no joke here — John Goodman, in my opinion, is a bit of a national treasure and responsible for some of the greatest characters in some of the greatest movies in the last thirty years of cinema, and I’d long feared we’d lose the actor early. It’s phenomenal that he’s healthy again, and we’re pulling for him.

Link: John Goodman Tells David Letterman He Once Weighed “400 Pounds” (NY Daily News)

HollywoodNew York Magazine reports that studio executives, under the gun to find the next big thing, are finally realizing that simply rebooting old franchises and churning out sequels is doing them more harm than good and are desperately seeking original material and content. Oh, I see how it is, Hollywood. Finally tired of your precious sequels.  I guess my idea of monkey riding a horse, which is riding another horse, on a speedboat loaded with explosives doesn’t seem so “ridiculous” now. And maybe you wouldn’t be having me “forcibly removed” from your offices. Apology accepted.

Link: With Sequels and Reboots Failing, Hollywood (Finally) Puts Out a Desperate Call for Original Material (New York)

Lightsaber — A Hong Kong company called Wicked Lasers has claims to have succeeded in creating and marketing the first working “lightsaber,” modeled after those from the Star Wars films. The lightsaber, which emits a blue beam which can burn retinas and set skin on fire, which has prompted Wicked Lasers to call it “the most dangerous laser ever created,” something they should have assumed when they built a working lightsaber. The plus side for its owners:  it’s very hard for someone to continue to call you a dork when their eyeballs and skin are on fire.

Link: Working Lightsaber “the Most Dangerous Laser Ever Created” (National Post)

Michaels, Jillian — The Biggest Loser traineratrix gives an interview to Redbook Magazine about her new television show Losing It (not to be confused with Valerie Bertinelli’s self-help book or the 1983 Tom Cruise virginity-loss comedy of the same name) and talks about how shocked the subjects of her show react. “I think they presume it’s a fitness show,” says Michaels, “and the next thing you know, I’m in your marriage, I’m going to school with your kids. I’m, like, in the middle of everything, and it’s just like, “What the hell, what’s happening?” Exactly, Jillian. Because you’re basically a gym employee.

Link: Jillian Michaels: Weighing 175 Pounds Was “Pure Hell.” (HuffPo)

  1. June 18, 2010 10:02 am

    Yeah, I trust Jillian to tell me what carb smoothie to drink that will help me shred my glutes not who my kid’s first grade teacher should be.

    Also? In her 50’s, Valerie Bertinelli is hotter.


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