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The Entertation Index: June 21

June 21, 2010

Spice whirl

B, Mel – Formerly known as Scary Spice, Mel B indicated on Lopez Tonight that she stays in shape by having sex five times in a normal day.  Lopez asked if that is really possible, and Mel replied affirmatively.  She’s right: if you shag five times a day, there’s no time for eating.

Link: Mel B’s Fitness Regimen (Huffington Post)

Bynes, Amanda – The Hairspray actress is retiring from acting at age 24.  Yes, 24.  Congratulations are in order, as she may serve as an inspiration to young thespians that could not possibly be even 25 years her junior.

Link: Bynes Retires (Us)

Fox, Megan – The Jonah Hex actress dropped some Lord of the Rings science during an interview, explaining why hardcore comic book fans and Tolkien purists can’t be satisfied: “[t]hey’ll complain that Frodo is eating the Lembas bread outside of Mordor instead of in the Mines of Moria. And they get really mad.  You cannot focus completely on pleasing them because you’ll never win.”  Wrong, Megan.  If you’re willing to focus completely

Link: Fox LOTR Knowledge (Filmfi)

IMDb – Writers Guild of America has asked Internet Movie Database (IMDb) to stop listing the ages of its subjects, saying it could lead to ageism in notoriously youth-leaning Tinseltown.  IMDb has refused to end the practice, saying they will take down the information only if it is proved to be inaccurate.  Joan Rivers then may or may not have asked, “well will you at least remove ‘B.C.’ after the date on my profile?”

Link: WGA vs. IMDb over Listing Ages (NY Daily News)

Lohan, Lindsay – The Mean Girls star explains that Kombucha tea, a fermented herbal drink with traces of alcohol, probably caused her booze-detecting SCRAM bracelet to go off since she absolutely did not drink alcohol.  Nice try, Linds.  Guess you’ll be trying to convince us after your next drug test that you ate a poppyseed bagel the morning before, hmm?

Link: Lohan Insists She Didn’t Drink Alcohol (Examiner)

Spade, David – The Grown-Ups actor has fueled rumors of a romance with Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi after being seen with her at dinner.  If true, this could officially give him the largest average hotness gap between a man and his exes.  Seriously, check the link below.  This guy has dated way out of his league.

Link: Spade + Lakshmi? (PopEater)

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