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The Entertation Index: June 28

June 28, 2010

Cruise, Tom – On The Tonight Show, Cruise discusses his character Les Grossman’s ass-slap of co-performer Jennifer Lopez, insisting that it was his—no, Les’!—idea.  What a Hollywood perk: become so rich and powerful that you can insert yourself into scenes where you skeeve on whichever hotties you like.  It’s a wonder Michael Bay hasn’t written himself into more scenes as “Creepy, Gropy Movie Producer.”

Link: Cruise Slaps J-Lo’s Ass (TV Squad)

Gosselin, Kate – People with enough time on their hands to review tons of Gosselin photographs have speculated that Kate has had a botched Botox or Dysport injection, leading to weirdly arched eyebrows and a smoother face.  If true, this will severely impede Kate’s ability to fake smiles.

Link: Kate Botox? (Us Magazine)

Jackson, Peter – A month after Guillermo del Toro gave up the gig, speculation is high that Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson may be helming The Hobbit.  This is about the best news that could come out of this whole mess, which involves a studio on the auction block and a lot of other uncertainty.  Let’s hope this gets made.

Link: Jackson to Direct The Hobbit? (EW)

Bieber meeting Hef would be...icky.

Mom, Justin Bieber’sPlayboy reportedly offered Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Lynn Mallette, $50,000 to pose topless.  She refused.  This would have meant total Bieber world domination, with Justin holding sway over all tween girls and Pattie controlling the minds of barely pubescent teen guys.  We must still stay prepared, though, since we won’t always get this lucky.

Link: The Bieb’s Mom Refuses Playboy (Zack Taylor)

Staub, Danielle – The Real Housewives of Atlanta reality TV “actress” says of her recently released sex tape, “You know, like everything else I’m doing in my life, it’s coming around for a reason.”  Could that reason be trying to make a quick buck off of her unearned fame before her completely useless star fades?  Stay tuned to find out!

Link: Staub Does Stuff for a Reason (PopEater)

Suvari, Mena – The American Beauty actress recently wed concert producer Simone Sestito in Vatican City.  They say they chose the venue because most of Sestito family lives there, but more likely because it was a summer wedding and they figured Vatican City would still have churches available.

Link: Suvari Weds (People)

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