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The Entertation Index: July 1

July 1, 2010

Kagan, Elena — As day three of US Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s confirmation history rolled into another marathon day, Kagan was asked early yesterday morning by Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar whether she sided with Team Edward or Team Jacob in the Twilight series. Kagan wisely kept mum on the subject, sidestepping the maelstrom which would have occurred if the Vampire lobby discovered she would be voting Werewolf on all key issues.

Link: Kagan Asked “Twilight” Preference: Edward or Jacob? (Washington Post)

Kardashians — A new retail venture will open at Las Vegas’ Mirage Hotel in August focusing on the Kardashian reality-programming dynasty. The store, to be dubbed “Kardashian Khaos,” is the creation of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian in conjunction with mother Kris Kardashian, all of “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Early buzz? It’s all khrap.

Link: New Retail Store “Kardashian Khaos” Expected to Generate Millions of Dollars Each Year (Starpulse)

Lightcycles — Suddenly, reality is catching up with sci-fi all over the place. Just after we reported here last week that you could buy your very own lightsaber, today we learn that for $35,000 on Ebay you can purchase your very own “lightcycle,” a replica from the movie Tron. Just a word of advice, however, for those of you who think that buying a motorcycle will make you cool: buying the motorcycle from Tron will not.

Link: Tron Lightcycles Are Now Real, and on Ebay (Gamma Squad)

Lookwell — Boring Thursday at work? Let me point you toward a forgotten bit of television history. Now you can watch the full 23-minute pilot of the police procedural parody Lookwell, a pilot written in 1991 by a then-relatively-unknown Conan O’Brien and writing partner (and “Triumph the Insult Comic Dog” creator) Robert Smigel. It stars Adam West as a former television detective given a cosmetic “honorary police badge” in 1972, which he uses to insert himself into actual police investigations. It was never bought, and it’s fantastic. Plug those headphones in enjoy.

Link: Lookwell — Pilot Episode (YouTube)

Rammellzee — Hip-hop forefather, performance artist and noted early graffiti juggernaut Ramellzee died in Queens, New York Sunday after a long illness. His eulogy will stretch from Battery Park’s Albany Street to Rockaway’s  Redfern Avenue.

Link: Rammellzee, Graffiti Artist, Dies at 49 (NY Times)

Zeppelin, Led — The timeless rock band is at the center of a copyright infringement controversy as a folk singer named Jake Holmes has filed a suit against Led Zeppelin and guitarist Jimmie Page, claiming their song “Dazed and Confused” was stolen from a similar-sounding song he wrote in 1967, also called “Dazed and Confused.” The strongest evidence that Holmes can claim the true “dazed and confused” mantle comes from the fact that he’s filing this lawsuit forty-two years later.

Link: Bad Times, Worse Times: Led Zeppelin Sued for Copyright Infringement (ArtsBeat)

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