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The Entertation Index: July 9

July 9, 2010

Christensen, Hayden — The Star Wars star is fuming at and has filed a suit against the USA Network for allegedly stealing their idea for the USA program Royal Pains from an pitch about concierge doctors he offered to the network in 2005. Not surprisingly, however, Christensen is claiming no involvement in the former USA programs Pacific Blue, The 4400 or Silk Stalkings, though USA keeps hoping someone else will take the blame for those.

Link: Hayden Christensen Sues USA Network Over “Stolen” Series (NY Post)

Funeral, Death at a — A New York writer is suing the creators of the Martin Lawrence/Chris Rock starring Death at a Funeral (which, for the record, has been made in two different countries), claiming that they not only stole true stories about her own funeral experiences but also inserted certain jokes into the movie’s script especially designed to humilate her. I’m glad to know I’m not alone — I’ve always felt that the Shaquille O’Neal rapping genie movie Kazaam makes a mockery of my entire life, and I can barely stand to watch it anymore.

Link: Woman Claims “Death at a Funeral” Ripped from Her Own Funeral Mishaps (Hollywood Reporter)

Poland — Here’s the most interesting pop culture item you’ll see all day: Poland, under communist rule, had a tough enough time getting films from the United States screened in the country in the 70’s and 80’s — there was no way they were getting all the American publicity materials to go with them. So, thinking inventively, Poland simply designed its own posters for movies like Terminator, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Alien. Here, CNN publishes some of those posters. Check it out.

Link: Remaking Hollywood: The Strange World of Polish Film Posters (CNN)

Willis, Bruce — Looking for the perfect scent to woo your lady? Why not try smelling like Die Hard’s John McClain? No, seriously; the action star has announced the “Bruce Willis Signature Collection” cologne and body wash, which representatives for the distributing corporation are calling “the manliest scent in the world.” So if you’ve ever wanted to smell like Bruce Willis, there you go. Or — for free — you could wear damp corduroys and use a posthole digger in the Everglades for three days straight. That ought to do it as well.

Link: Bruce Willis Cologne Debuts (FilmDrunk)



Uh. Uh. Yeah...1333 BC y'all. Where my biliteral hieroglyphs at?


West, Kanye — The rapper recently took time out of his busy schedule to visit the “Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs” exhibition at the Discovery Times Square Exhibition in New York. While  West acknowledged that the golden sarcophagus of Tutankhamun’s great-grandmother Tjuya was “alright,” he made sure to point out that the pharaoh Sobek-ho-tep’s grandmother Sat-Hathor has one of the greatest golden sarcophaguses of all time.

Link: Whose Bling is Better? (NY Times)

Yoda — The voice-based GPS system TomTom, which has provided celebrity voice directions by Homer Simpson, Bob Dylan and others, has unveiled its latest TomTom celebrity navigator: Yoda. Directions spouted by the ancient Jedi master literally include “Bear left…but not to the Dark Side,” and “Your destination has been reached. Powerful you have become.” It’s perfect for finding your way to the home of that first date you’re picking up, but don’t bother saving the address for a second one.

Link: Yoda Lends His Voice to GPS. Awesome, It Is (with demonstration video) (Paste Magazine)

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