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The Entertation Index: July 13

July 13, 2010

Bubbles — We all remember Michael Jackson’s beloved pet chimp Bubbles. Over a year after the King of Pop’s untimely demise, his sister LaToya tells reporters that her brother had repeatedly flown in experts in an effort to perform experimental surgery which would give the primate vocal chords and allow him to talk, as Jackson reportedly “wanted to know his thoughts.” Like we all needed a billion dollar experimental surgery in 1992 to hear a chimpanzee say “whole thing weirding Bubbles out. Can go now? Stop hugging. Bubbles no like.”

Link: LaToya: Michael Wanted to Teach Bubbles How to Talk (TMZ)

Pekar, Harvey — The American Splendor author, who helped to mainstream the illustrated story as a legitimate form of literature through his semi-autobiographical comics, has died at age 70. It’s never quite been known where Pekar the curmudgeon (as seen often on David Letterman in Letterman’s early days) ended and the real Harvey began, but as of Monday the actual, physical Harvey Pekar has left us.

Link: Harvey Pekar dies at 70 (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Phoenix, Joaquin — On the heels this week that Edward Norton will not be reprising his role as the Hulk in the upcoming superhero free-for-all The Avengers, rumors abound that Gladiator star and massive thorn in his publicist’s side Joaquin Phoenix may step into the shoes of Bruce Banner (the Hulk doesn’t wear shoes, silly) in the film. You may think this sounds crazy, but I’d just like to point out the Hulk’s character arc in The Incredible Hulk, issues #498-521, wherein the Hulk tried to rap, grew a terrible beard, buddied around with Casey Affleck, annoyed David Letterman, and made everyone hate him.

Link: Will Joaquin Phoenix Be Marvel’s New Hulk? (Cinematical)

“Social Events,” Movies as — Great news, everyone! The new Grease karaoke movie has been such a success that Hollywood has realized it may be a great way to continue to fill movie theaters with even less effort than they’re offering now. The New York Times reports that the novelty has been so well-received that it wouldn’t be surprising to see more movies given the same treatment in upcoming months and years. See you guys at the Frost/Nixon singalong!

Link: Forget Sssssh! Theaters Want You to Sing Along (NY Times)

Twilight — ABC News, forever bringing you the most up-to-the-minute world events, reports that a growing problem among teens in wake of the Twilight phenomenon is a propensity to bite one another, sometimes so hard that blood is drawn. Ah, it’s an age-old tale of teen angst identifiable through a popular, cultural medium. I had the same reaction as a teen after I watched Encino Man.

Link: “Twilight” Effect: Are Teens Biting Each Other Because of Vampire Fascination? (ABC)

Vader, Darth — The science fiction blog GeekTwins reports that actor David Prowse, famous for playing the physical visage of Darth Vader, has not been invited to George Lucas’ giant, upcoming Star Wars celebration in Orlando because, as he says he was told, “he burned too many bridges with Lucasfilm.” I always had a hunch that the 1986 board game Darth Vader’s Pizza Party! wasn’t an officially licensed product.

Link: Darth Vader Actor Banned from Star Wars Convention (Geek Twins)

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