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The Entertation Index: July 14

July 14, 2010

Cavallari, KristinThe Hills co-star revealed to People that maybe, just maybe, her actions and those of her colleagues on the show, aren’t genuine, and that the whole thing isn’t “real”—it’s just entertainment.  Kristin, you heartless wench, you’ve destroyed my world.  Now all I have left is the gritty, no-holds-barred realness of professional wrestling.

Link: The Hills Isn’t…Isn’t Real? (People)

Hefner, Hugh – A couple ex-Bunnies have opened up about living, and having sex with, Hef.  Jill Ann Spaulding describes an orgy a few years ago with Hefner and several other women, and may have said, “Upon entering the room, I wondered why there was a naked visitation in the Playboy mansion.”

Link: Hefner’s Exploits (Huffington Post) Text may be NFSW

Jolie, Angelina – The Salt actress is defending her daughter Shiloh from those who would condemn her tomboyish style choices.  While Jolie may be interpreting mere commentary as insult (or she may be dead  on), it’s more interesting that people would critique the wardrobe of an individual who is young enough to get free meals at Shoney’s and may still have imaginary friends.

Link: Angelina Defends Shiloh (Reuters)

Lohan, Lindsay – Bidding to secure LiLo’s first post-jail interview may hit $1,000,000, according to PopEater’s Rob Shuter.  Remember this, kids, when authority figures tell you that crime doesn’t pay.

Link: Lohan’s Payday After the Pokey (PopEater)

"I do..."

Michaels, Bret – After his brain hemorrhage in April, Michaels has apparently changed his tune and proposed to his girlfriend of 16 years, Kristy Lynn Gibson.  Since, according to sex education classes, a person sleeps with everyone his or her partner has slept with, Gibson must now know she’s probably slept with 9000 women.

Link: Bret Michaels Engaged (Star Magazine)

Vaughn, Vince – The Swingers actor has announced that his wife, Kyla Weber, is pregnant.  The baby is expected to be so money, baby.

Link: Vaughn To Be A Dad (Courier Mail)

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