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The Entertation Index: July 16

July 16, 2010

Cage, Nicolas — Hooray! We finally have crazy Nicolas Cage back! The star of the opening-today Sorcerer’s Apprentice visited David Letterman the other night, where he turned up the cuckoo to eleven with a story about doing mushrooms with his cat. The two allegely put Jethro Tull’s Heavy Horses on repeat as the cat explained to Cage that Honeymoon in Vegas was his real life and his real life is actually the movie, and then they lit some sparklers and called Sean Connery 45 times.

Link: Well Sure. Nic Cage Did Mushrooms With His Cat (FilmDrunk)

Grammer, Kelsey — Gulp! It’s been revealed that the Frasier and Cheers star, currently locked in a divorce battle with his third wife of thirteen years, not only neglected to sign a pre-nup but made his Frasier fortune after marrying her, which would make her privy to a very considerable amount of everything Grammer made during his Frasier years. This would presumably entitle her to money made by the network, money made in syndication rights and roughly half of David Hyde Pierce’s career.

Link: Kelsey Grammer, Wife Had No Prenup (PopEater)

Lantern, Green — Less than half a day after Entertainment Weekly revealed their cover featuring Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern, overexcitable goofballs everywhere have already begun dissecting “what’s wrong with the suit” (never mind that the picture only shows Reynolds from the shoulders up). Perhaps its time for this same crowd, however, to stop focusing on what’s wrong about Reynolds’ outfit and start acknowledging that a “Physicists do it in black holes” t-shirt and stained sweat pants with Tevas isn’t the “correct suit” for meeting girls.

Link: Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern Costume (UGO)

Masterson, Danny — The former That 70’s Show star has been hornswaggled into holding the bag on an unfinished three-story, multi-million dollar condo after he co-signed a loan for a four-story in Toluca Lake that his real estate company, TomatoBank, failed to finish. I know what you’re thinking: you simply can’t believe that a real estate development firm calling itself TomatoBank doesn’t know what it’s doing. Live and learn, i guess. Live and learn.

Link: “70’s Show” Star — I Got Nailed in Real Estate Scam! (TMZ)

Pavement — In honor of the reuniting and world tour of one of the greatest bands of the 90’s, here’s a little something clever and throwbacky to kill some time on a boring Friday. Plus, it features the “Cut Your Hair” video, which is one of the greatest videos of all time. Enjoy.

Link: Everything I Know About Love I Learned from Pavement (Nerve)

Weekend, Vampire — When the indie-pop tunesters’ new album Contra was released, its cover featured a preppy young lady whom front man Ezra Koenig claimed to know very little about other than that she lives in Malibu. Now we also know she’s preppy, young and litigious. She’s Kristen Kennis, and she’s suing the band and the photographer for a whopping $2 million, claiming the signature on her photo release is forged. Pay her!  I can remember when this guy was upset about Iron Maiden’s use of his image, and that didn’t end happily for anyone.

Link: Vampire Weekend Cover Girl Sues Band (Pitchfork)

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