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The Entertation Index: July 19

July 19, 2010

Bieber, Justin – The young pop/R&B singer’s video “Baby” just leap-frogged Lady Gaga’s video “Bad Romance” as the most watched YouTube video in history.  The scary thing is, with 246.5 million views, some people have probably watched the “Baby” video more than once.

Link: Bieber Conquers Gaga (Gawker)

Marcos, Niurka – The Cuban singer/actress attended the Univision awards accompanied by her son, but not much clothing.  By the way, “Niurka” is Spanish for “Chyna.”

Link: Marcos at Univision Awards (Huffington Post)

Not Zach Galifianakis

Phoenix, JoaquinI’m Still Here, a documentary about Joaquin Phoenix’s year of craziness while trying to become a hip-hop artist, has found a distributor.  However, if you have to tell everyone in the title of a movie about you that you’re still present and important and relevant, you’re probably not.

Link: Phoenix Documentary (StarPulse)

Smith, Will – Smith has reportedly gotten involved in both the production and acting sides of The Legend of Cain, a vampiric twist on the Cain and Abel Biblical story.  Assuming the movie could be worth watching to begin with (doesn’t sound like it), it will still have to avoid the recent Will Smith movie curse: being exactly one-half of a good movie.

Link: Smith Gets Biblical (Deadline)

Snipes, Wesley – A federal court upheld the actor’s conviction on tax evasion charges, letting stand an assessment of $17 million in back taxes and penalties.  No fines were levied, however, for his appearance in The Marksman.

Link: Snipes’ Conviction Upheld (EW)

Stamos, John – Allison Coss and Scott Sippola were convicted of attempting to extort money from Stamos with lurid pictures of him and minor-at-the-time Coss.  (Prosecutors say the pics did not exist.)  Attorneys can be excused for litigating the case, however, since Stamos does have a history of living in a household under the alias Jesse Katsopolis with other adult men and several underage women.

Link: Stamos Vindicated (People)

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