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The Entertation Index: July 20

July 20, 2010

If you wear these glasses, Frankenstein will be able to kill you.

3-D — Ever wondered exactly how 3-D movies work? The popular film and sci-fi website i09 yesterday ran an article on the science of 3-D, breaking it down into polarized lenses and light waves. The polarization takes advantage of the wave properties of light, and creates vertical, horizontal and …wait, what? Oh, my bad, I guess I just assumed your response to “Ever wondered exactly how 3-D movies work?” was yes. Well, here it is anyway.

Link: How Do 3-D Movies Work? (io9)

Brand, Russell — Photos have surfaced from the Russell-Brand-starring Arthur remake of the British comic dressed as Batman alongside veteran character actor Luis Guzman, who is dressed as Robin. Man, I can’t wait until the Arthur remake, because I can’t wait to see how they handle the classic “dressing up as Batman” parts of the original movie, of which there were none.

Link: New Photos from the “Arthur” Remake Feature Luis Guzman as Robin to Russell Brand’s Batman (Examiner)

Hilton, Paris — The famous socialite, recently photographed removing her string bikini on a yacht off the coast of Italy, trumped things up on her Twitter account on Monday, tweeting “You never know when some perv paparazzi may be lurking and hiding on a fishing boat in the middle of the ocean.” You’re right, Paris. It’s that age old story: perv paparazzi sets sail to gain topless pics of a promiscuous heiress, instead hooking a giant marlin off the coast of cuba which drags him all over the Gulf of Mexico before it’s devoured by hungry sharks. The perv paparazzi then returns to his village, where he promises his young assistant they’ll go fishing soon, and he falls asleep dreaming of white lions on an African beach.

Link:  Hilton Slams “Perv” Photographer (Calgary Sun)

Murray, Bill — You’re going to love this. New York Magazine runs an interview with the great Bill Murray in which the actor reveals that he made Garfield because he was under the impression that it was a Coen Brothers movie, not realizing it was written by a screen writer named Joel Cohen, spelled differently than the Oscar winning pair. It’s forgivable, really — after all, Dustin Hoffman inked his contract on Mister Magorium’s Wonder Emporium thinking he had just become a full partner on a lucrative chain of sandwich shops.

Link: Bill Murray Thought Garfield Was a Coen Brothers Movie (New York)

Octopus, Paul the Psychic — In case you’ve been living in a place where news of psychic octopi picking world sporting event outcomes isn’t major news (I’m looking at you, Wyoming), allow me to introduce you to Paul the Psychic Octopus, who repeatedly chose the winners of the recent World Cup competition and shocked the globe. This time he’s putting his mind to higher pursuits, and — when put to the test on the Twilight saga — recently chose Team Jacob. Detractors from Paul’s prowess maintain, however, that’s it’s unfair because he’s read all the books.

Link: Paul the Psychic Octopus Chooses Team Jacob (TIME)

Shore, Jersey — Gym-Tan-Laundry obviously isn’t enough for the goombahs from MTV’s Jersey Shore these days; the cast is reportedly going “on strike.” Yes, really. The group has reportedly told MTV that they will not continue to shoot season three unless a new contract is in place. Sources allegedly are reporting that details of the contract currently being brokered include a case of bronzer apiece and two additional minutes of fame.

Link: The Jersey Shore Meltdown (LA Times)

Yale — The renowned Yale Repertory Theater, known for its noteworthy residencies, new plays, productions, readings and collaborations with accomplished playwrights, has announced that it was recently the recipient of a $950,000 gift. Unfortunately, that gift was a necktie.

Link: Yale Repertory Theater Receives $950,000 Gift (NY Times)

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  1. July 21, 2010 12:05 am

    The thing about BM is the whole Ghostbusters cartoon deal. Apparently, the dude that voiced Garfield, Lorenzo Music, did Peter V in The Real Ghostbusters and BM called foul because he didn’t want PV associated with the orange cat. . . then he was the voice of Garfield. Then the other guy died. Not good stuff.

    Whatever, I guess.

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