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The Entertation Index: July 21

July 21, 2010

Aniston, Jennifer – The Friends co-star got a restraining order against a man who was found lurking around a place she patronizes, with a sharp object, duct tape, and a bag.  This would be pretty freaky for anyone, but don’t be surprised if the tabloids report, “Aniston Blows Last Chance at Love.”

Link: Aniston Gets Restraining Order (TMZ)

Gibson, Mel – The Road Warrior/Oksana saga has taken an even stranger and more disturbing turn.  Radar Online reports that Gibson threatened to kill Oksana, her two children, and himself.  Yes, these are only allegations right now, but given what’s been released already, I don’t know that Mel will get much “innocent-until-proven-guilty” sympathy.

Link: From Bad to Worse, Mel? (Radar Online)

These have a lengthy Hef-life.

Hefner, Hugh – The Playboy patriarch gave a phone interview to the NY Post, saying among other things that he thinks fake breasts are here for the long haul.  That’s because they have a half-life of, like, a million years.

Link: Hef Weighs In on Faux-Boobs (NY Post)

JWwow – The Jersey Shore “actress” appears in Maxim with a vanishing belly button.  This all makes sense now, since the “actors” on the show behave and appear as if they were either grown in a lab or placed on Earth by an alien (sub-)intelligence.

Link: JWwow Loses Navel (Maxim)

Lohan, Lindsay – The Mean Girls actress reportedly checked into Century Regional Detention Facility to begin her jail sentence.  Quite the turnaround for someone for whom “prison” used to mean “club that checked her ID, didn’t give her free drinks, and failed to properly acknowledge her awesomeness.”

Link: Lohan Checks In (EW)

Palin, Bristol and Johnston, Levi – We told you last week that Wasilla, AK’s youngest famous couple is shopping around ideas for a TV show.  While Palin and Johnston want to sign on for a whole season of the as-yet unrealized show, networks want a pilot.  One can understand the reluctance to throw money at two people who have shown only that they can screw and fight, but that seems to be the basis for most other reality shows.

Link: Palin/Johnston Want Deal (People)

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    July 22, 2010 1:19 am

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