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The Entertation Index: July 23

July 23, 2010

Berry, Halle — Deadline reports that actress Halle Berry has signed to play the lead in a film called Shoe Addicts Anonymous, based on a novel about a group of women of differing ethnicities who bond over the fact that they all wear size 7.5 shoes, which they trade around. No release date has been announced, but the film is expected to be a huge hit among people who enjoy movies which are terrible.

Link: Halle Berry Fits “Shoe Addicts Anonymous” (Deadline)

CDs — How astute is CNN? Not only are they on top of all this political stuff, but they’re also with-it enough to inform us that — and listen, don’t get too surprised here — CDs are on the way out because of iTunes and MP3s. Let the naysayers gab all they want, CD industry, but CDs will always have a place in my household. After all, the digitized cyberversion of The Eagles’ Greatest Hits Volume Two will never collect the condensation from my beer as effectively as my trusty The Eagles’ Greatest Hits Volume Two CD. That’s job security.

Link: Is the Death of the CD Looming? (CNN)

Crowded House — Hey, have you ever seen Bruce Springsteen perform with Dream Academy? How about Bono playing with the Voidoids? No? Well, I guess you’re just going to have to settle for David Byrne joining Crowded House on stage at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC, where they teamed to play “Once in a Lifetime” and “Road to Nowhere.” Pretty damn cool, if you ask me. One of the best eighties get-togethers since Coke and aspartame.

Link: David Byrne and Crowded House Play Talking Head Songs in NYC (Slicing Up Eyeballs)

Ghostbusters — Do you know which actors the film Ghostbusters was written for? Have you ever spotted porn star Ron Jeremy in the film? Why isn’t Ray Parker Jr.’s iconic song on your home video version of the film? All these answers — and more — are available in a fun little fact-finding piece below featuring little-known truisms about the 80’s film. Perfect Friday reading.

Link: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ghostbusters (Neatorama)

Girardi, Vienna — Vienna Girardi,one half of the most recent of The Bachelor‘s trainwreck matches, was spotted playing competitive beer pong during a recent Hollywood bash. Onlookers were initially confused, as it’s usually the Bachelor himself–not his female counterpart–who chooses one of many passive, nearly empty receptacles to dunk balls into. (courtesy of Lloyd)

Link: Caught in the Act! (People)

Pavement — If you’re wondering why the hipper-than-you music site Pitchfork didn’t stream headliner Pavement’s set last weekend on its website, Vanity Fair posits that the culprit may have been an ongoing feud between the site and Pavement member Scott Kannberg, whose side project album with post-Pavement band  The Spiral Stairs was once derided by a Pitchfork writer as having “all the charm of a flaccid penis protruding out from beneath a fold of flesh on a balding, middle-aged man.” While that’s a pretty scathing review, it should be noted that was a review in 2009; according to Pitchfork, flaccid penises protruding out from beneath the folds of flesh on a balding, middle-aged men are totally in for summer 2010 and are prominently featured on the amazing debut album of ultra-underground British band The Street Poppers, who you’ve never heard before.

Link: Mystery Solved: Why Pavement’s Scott Kannberg Is Pissed at Pitchfork (Vanity Fair)

PitchforkSee: Pavement

Sharktopus — Go ahead, refuse to credential me all you want, Syfy Network (fine, sorry we’ve talked bad about NBC shows in the past), I will NOT stop hyping your upcoming Roger Corman tour de force Sharktopus, which now is revealed to be starring none other than Eric Roberts. I will not be silent about Sharktopus. I will not give up on Sharktopus. And — so help me God — you can deny The Brown Tweed Society all you want, Syfy, but I will be watching Sharktopus, and you can’t stop me. Finally, the first glorious, Sharktopussy images hit the web yesterday. Color me there. Happy Friday, everyone!

Link: And Now…Sharktopus (CHUD)

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