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The Entertation Index: July 27

July 27, 2010

Bynes, Amanda – The 24-year-old Hairspray actress tweeted over the weekend the she is unretiring from acting, barely a month after she retired.  Great.  Maybe we will finally get a sequel to She’s the Man.

Link: Bynes Unretires (Toronto Sun)

Comic-Con gets jiggy.

Comic-Con – Two conference attendees got in a fight before a panel discussion, with one trying to stab the other in the eye with a pen.  This goes to show that the pen is truly mightier than the light-saber.

Link: Fight at Comic-Con (Contact Music)

Cruise, Tom – The super-sleuths at Huffington Post noticed that at the London premiere of Knight and Day, Cruise and costar Cameron Diaz appeared to be the same height, even though Diaz is naturally two inches taller than Cruise and she was wearing high heels.  The answer can be only that, due to Cruise’s power in Hollywood, taller costars must have enough of their femurs removed to equalize their heights before appearing together in public.

Link: Cruise, Diaz Somehow Same Height (Huffington Post)

Lohan, Lindsay – Lilo is apparently not finding jail to her liking.  She couldn’t have visitors this weekend because she used up her visits during the week, and she couldn’t get bottled water until yesterday because of the commissary’s ordering schedule.  It’s possible that no one told Lohan that jail is a place where you don’t get free drinks (that aren’t tap water) and you don’t get to do everything you want whenever you want.

Link: Lohan (Celebrity Gossip)

Pattinson, Robert – The Twilight heartthrob has apparently inspired a line of Marks and Spencer underwear called R-Pants, low-rise briefs intended to be worn under “hipster” skinny jeans.  Since R-Patz served as the motivation behind the drawers, we expect them to be pasty white, cold, and slightly damp from nervous sweat.

Link: Pattinson Inspires Undies (Guardian)

Winehouse, Amy – The “Rehab” singer has taken to golf, so much so that she plans to take up the game regularly.  She was supposedly attracted to the activity when she heard you “hit tons of clubs” and initially spend a lot of time “in the drink.”

Link: Winehouse Golfs (The Sun)

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